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WALLPAPER: The Other Side (Baron + Toluca)


This is basically just the wallpaper version of a graphic I made for the #NETFLIXforBandT Twitter campaign a couple weeks ago. My sister and I ran out of original things to write in our tweets so we started coming up with bad jokes and puns in a Skype brainstorming session. ICYMI: Brendan & Majandra did an interview with HuffPost where they revealed more about the potential new show Baron + Toluca. Unfortunately, I had to go back down to 1280×800 for the full size of this wallpaper, due to lack of HQ images.

I’ve also given Roswell & B+T its own page here in the archive. And I added back in some of the super old wallpapers I’d previously deleted.

Next: Nashville, The Killing, Girl Meets World, Supernatural. I’ll also be redoing that last One Tree Hill wallpaper I made, yet again. This time I’m using different images because the first ones clearly just weren’t working.


WALLPAPER: South on 285 (Baron and Toluca)


As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t make a lot of Roswell wallpapers anymore. This is mainly due to how poor the image quality was for shows that ran pre-2005, particularly before widescreen HDTV existed. However, as you may be about to discover, I am a huge Roswell fan. It was the show that introduced me to internet fandom. Michael & Maria were also my first TV ship ever. Okay, so what’s Baron and Toluca? Well, that’s pretty much what we’re all wondering at this point. Basically Brendan Fehr & Majandra Delfino (who used to portray Michael & Maria on Roswell) have reunited to work on a super-secret project that may or may not be a spin-off of the old show. If you’re a fan too, click through the images in the link above and join the Twitter campaign if you haven’t already! #NETFLIXforBandT

I made a quick wallpaper mostly so I would have a handy graphic to campaign with. Still waiting on more HQ images. That might be the most exciting part of this show now that it’s 2016 and all. If it gets off the ground, you can bet you’ll see new arts from me.

Next: Still Fargo and Alias. Maybe something new for Nashville (can’t believe I haven’t yet talked about how CMT picked it up!!!) if I feel inspired. To be honest, I’m focused on finishing unfinished fanfics at the moment. But don’t worry, my ATLAS project will be completed sooner rather than later.

WALLPAPER: A Brand New World (Roswell)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Michael & Maria from Roswell

This one did not come easy. I really had some trouble finding images of acceptable quality, and these are really not the ones I would’ve chosen if I’d had a choice. Nevertheless, I like how it turned out. I will try to make some wallpapers that don’t use a blue-violet-pink color scheme soon. I’m not making any promises though. This is my 5th Roswell wallpaper, and the first since about 2004. (Actually there are more, but most of my earliest stuff didn’t make it into the archive when I started this blog.) Usually when I make five or more from the same TV series, I give it its own page. However, since I’m unlikely to ever make a Roswell wallpaper again, it will still be on Other TV.

I used the lyrics for “Earth” on this one, as it seemed fitting for the show’s themes. Only “Mars” is left. This is the trickiest one, and I haven’t started yet. I decided that since I’m fantasy-casting, I might as well choose people who not only look the part of Rachel & Tobias, but who I actually think could play the roles in the present day. I still haven’t found a worthy Rachel, so it may take some time.

Next: Nashville, Breaking Bad, One Tree Hill, or The Catch seem like the most likely candidates. I would love to make something for Remy/Jackie (House of Cards), but I need to find good images.

FANFIC: A World Not Forgotten


Summary:  At the end of Departure, what if Michael had let go of the granolith at the last second, while the rest of the four had continued to Antar after all?  AU future fic, alternating between Maria and Michael’s POVs.  Tess also emerges as a prominent character.

A/N: I wrote this around 2002 when I was 14.  I’m pretty embarrassed about it all around, but there are some parts that I still like, even if the characterization is completely off.  I had totally written the song that Michael hears Maria singing, but I can’t find it anymore. This story is complete.

Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or its characters.

Place: Roswell, New Mexico
Time: September 2008

1. (MARIA) I find you, I lose you

Have you ever looked out the window while it’s raining?  Not really looked at anything, but just stared off into space until all you could see was a blur of lines going down?  I have.  And if you do it just long enough, it almost seems like the rain is going in slow motion.  If you think about it even more, you begin to wonder.  Is the rain really going in slow motion?  Is the whole world really on hold?  Or are have you become so disconnected from the rest of the world that you’re moving at a completely different pace?

I used to hate living in Roswell, NM.

FANFIC: Silver


Summary: Unlike the rest of the Royal Four, Tess Harding was raised by another alien, away from Roswell. What was her childhood like? How does it shape who she eventually becomes when she arrives in Roswell? Chapters alternate between the past and present.

A/N: This is a Roswell fanfic I started back in 2002.  I always felt that Tess had the potential to be a very interesting, nuanced character with a lot of layers, but the writers never did her justice.  I was also really curious about her childhood growing up with Nasedo.  This fanfic is my response to that.  It’s not really AU, but it’s not completely canon either.

Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell.

1. THEN: the leaving

She had been dancing.  She could remember that much, at least.  Practically all things from that cold November night eight, maybe nine, years ago were blurry, but not this.   She had been happy, too.  She had thought her life was perfect.

Things change so quickly.