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WALLPAPER: Some Truths (Fringe)


For the last wallpaper in the ATLAS:LAND series, I waffled between the parent-child relationships in Fringe and Life Unexpected. I had even started both versions already, which made it difficult to decide. If you were a fan of the latter show, you’ll know that near the end of that series’ run, Eric gives Cate and Baze a compass to give to Lux as a present, something that will help her “find her way” when she feels lost. That symbol kind of made it a no-brainer to use the show in a series based on cardinal directions.

But in the end, I thought the relationship between Walter & Peter on Fringe better fit the lyrics for “South.” I also didn’t want one of my favorite all-time shows to be left out of this series completely. Don’t worry, the LUX wallpaper I started will show up again later. Working on this ATLAS series has done exactly what I hoped it would: It’s motivated me to make more wallpapers that aren’t centered around the same fandom or couple all the time. No reason to quit now! I plan to do the remaining albums from ATLAS: YEAR ONE soon. (ATLAS: LAND is now complete, so go check it out on the Special Projects page.)

2016 Fan Art Challenge: 35/52

Next: Nashville is definitely next in line, to coincide with the series finale. Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and Orphan Black should follow.


WALLPAPER: White Tulip (Fringe)

Desktop wallpaper for the Fringe series finale

Apparently Photobucket can’t be trusted as an image host anymore either, so I’ll be moving all my thumbnails over to WordPress at some point.

Meanwhile, here is my wallpaper in tribute to the Fringe series finale. I’m starting to think this whole wallpaper series was a good idea in theory but maybe a bit silly in practice. Everything is starting to look the same, which admittedly was the point, but anyway, I still plan to continue either way. Recently Blair Brown came out with the accusation that Fringe became a “boy show” and was all about Walter & Peter at the end despite premiering with Olivia as the lead character. While she has a point about male TV writers often not knowing how to write women, I don’t think that pertains to this show. Walter & Peter were always the heart of this show. Even Anna Torv has admitted as much in interviews. And despite the “secret” not being revealed until the season 1 finale, it was always planned from the beginning. Although the final season of Fringe may not have been the best overall, it was a very satisfying conclusion for the series.

Next: Breaking Bad, Gilmore Girls, Bates Motel, possibly House of Cards.

WALLPAPER: Significant (Fringe)


I’m going to keep this commentary short because I think my last few posts have just been me babbling on about my thoughts and theories for TV series that are still ongoing. We already know how Fringe ended. As you may know, I have always loved the Observers. (I am speaking of the original ones who are named after months of the year, not the evil ones who took over in season 5.) September is probably my second favorite character on the show after Walter. But I also like August and December. I’m not sure the other one has a name. Anyway, this was originally supposed to be a Fringe cast wallpaper with a general focus on the Observers, but it ended up being more about Peter Bishop. Although of course now it’s debatable what “the boy” is really referring to. I wasn’t a huge fan of season 5, so let’s just say I’m referring to Peter.

I have several other wallpapers in the works and planned, but I’ll be on vacation for the next couple weeks and they’ll have to wait. I hope to get back to posting soon!

WALLPAPER: The Scientists (Breaking Bad x Fringe)


Alternate Title: A Tale of Two Walters

I feel I should explain the story behind this one, in case it isn’t immediately obvious. Last month, I was listening to the song “The Scientist” by Coldplay when it started reminding me of Walter Bishop, and then it started reminding me of Walter White (or maybe it was the other way around, can’t remember). And then I realized that even though these are two very different characters from very different TV series, they have a lot in common. They are both men who are devoted to their love for science as well as their love for their families. And they ended up using that mutual love for science to do unspeakable things in order to protect their families, though ultimately that obsession only drove their loved ones away. Also, they share the same first name. And so the idea for this crossover wallpaper was born. The lyrics are actually from the Drake mash-up/cover “The Fly Scientist.”

WALLPAPER: I Forgive You (Fringe)


Here is the Fringe wallpaper I’ve been planning for some time, finally! I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I went old-school with the softer, muted color palette. It’s kind of reminiscent of the kind of collages I used to make about 10 years ago. This was conceptual but I also just tried to work in a lot of different themes from the show: white tulips, frogs, parallel universes, forgiveness, etc.

WALLPAPER: More Than One of Everything (Fringe)


A new Fringe wallpaper! I’m super happy with the way this one turned out. It’s from the same photoshoot series as I used in my first Fringe wallpaper. So at some point I would like to make some fanart from this show that is a little more grounded, if that makes any sense. I think my issue has been that there are so many beautiful shoots from this show that are already very conceptual, so I’m not sure what else to do to them. But I’ll worry about that when I finish some of the other pieces I’m working on right now.

WALLPAPER: Some Things Aren’t Ours (Fringe)

Some Things Aren't Ours (Fringe)

Don’t you love when I make a post talking about how many new wallpapers I’m working on, and then nearly half a year goes by, and I seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth? Anyway, I’m finally back with 3 new wallpapers, all of which I made in the past week. The first is my first (and probably not last) Fringe wallpaper. This is kind of the Fringe version of the last The Killing wallpaper I posted. Take note of the flashlights.