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WALLPAPER: Back Together Again (Nashville)


Well, the season is young, but I’ve really been enjoying the revamped Nashville so far. I remember being devastated when the show was cancelled back in April or May or whenever it was, which is odd considering how unhappy I was with the direction of the show at the time (I think there are still like 6 episodes of last season that I just didn’t bother watching and probably never will) but I really loved everything the new showrunners and writers were saying and thought they deserved a chance to turn it around. But I got over my disappointment quickly, as I tend to do. Even before CMT officially saved the series, I’d made peace with the fact that it was never coming back, that we were stuck with this incredibly rushed attempt to tie all the loose ends back together. Or in Juliette’s case, the eternal limbo of a series finale with a cliffhanger ending. So when the good news came, it just felt like we were getting something extra on top of what we’d already had, a revival of sorts except with no time lost in between the two parts. And for the most part, I feel uninvested now. I’m just free to enjoy what seems almost like a completely new show to me, one where characters are behaving how I’ve always thought they would behave. It’s fantastic.

But the important thing is, we have new promo pics! I have been waiting ages for this. There were almost too many. I couldn’t choose. I wanted to make more Nashville wallpapers! The fact is I just don’t have much time anymore, so it probably won’t happen any time soon. This one is a love letter of sorts to everything I love about the show.

Next: Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, Friday Night Lights. Several other things on my list.


WALLPAPER: Don’t Put Dirt On Our Graves (Nashville)


I’ve been looking for an excuse to make a Nashville cast wallpaper for a while, but then I always feel intimidated when it comes to these large ensemble casts. Sometimes it seems impossible to work in everyone and still make the thing cohesive and attractive. Well anyway, I gave it my best shot. Some of the pics are super old, but what can you do when the whole cast hasn’t done a photo shoot together in 3 years? Hopefully CMT will rectify this immediately. This above is basically a graphic I made for the Nashville 100k posts celebration over at FF, except larger and with different text and more paint splatters. (And we’re back to a 1680×1050 size with this one. I’ve also started tagging all my new posts with the full size dimensions, so there’s no confusion.)

Since my last Nashville wallpaper, a lot has happened. Namely, the show has been resurrected from the dead by CMT. I am far happier about this than I should be, but such is life. The world has the capacity to surprise with every passing second. I don’t have much to say about the upcoming season. I’m trying to stay mostly spoiler-free, but we’ll see how long that lasts. I actually do a very good job of avoiding major spoilers for most of my favorite shows, but when the ships come into play, my anxiety level does tend to rise to great heights.

Next: The Killing, Supernatural, Girl Meets World, Gilmore Girls. But the minute I get my hands on HQ This Is Us photos, all bets are off. I’ll probably drop everything else in favor. 😉

WALLPAPER: Some Will Burn Bright (Nashville)


Well, it’s certainly been a ride, hasn’t it? Barring some Hail Mary miracle, Nashville will be coming to an end tonight. I can’t quite believe this all started 8 months ago for me. There I was, late at night, innocently re-watching old Whose Line clips on YouTube like I had done so many times before for the past 10 years. How was I to know that it would somehow lead me to something entirely different? I was completely blindsided by this show, and especially by these two characters (and the actors who portray them) depicted here. Sometimes I wish I could do it all over again, properly this time, instead of watching clips out of order and out of context.

There is so much I want to say that I couldn’t possibly cover it in this one post. I’m thankful to Chip for helping me discover a show and a slew of music I never would’ve given a chance otherwise. I’m angry at some of the people behind the scenes who did not allow this show to live up to its potential, for whatever the reason. I hope another network will take a chance on it and the new showrunners’ vision because I think the fans and especially everyone who has poured their heart and soul into this project, deserve a proper ending. In the past, 3 of my favorite shows (Roswell, Damages, The Killing) have been saved following cancellation, so I don’t think the situation is entirely hopeless. The key difference, however, is that all three of those shows were still great at the time they were cancelled…they just lacked the necessary viewership. But regardless of what happens, you haven’t seen the last of me regarding this couple. I am certain you will still find new Nashville wallpapers on this blog long after it’s over. (This particular wallpaper was originally supposed to include the whole main cast, but suffice it to say I couldn’t find the motivation. Sorry.)

2016 Fan Art Challenge: 37/52

Next: I’m actually not sure. It will definitely either be something new for my final ATLAS series, or something for Bates Motel.

WALLPAPER: It Took Us A Long While (Nashville)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Rayna &Deacon from Nashville

The first, and probably not the last, Nashville wedding wallpaper. I still haven’t seen the whole episode, but I’m sure it’s as beautiful as all the images are. However, there is so much wrong with this show. Deacon & Maddie’s relationship was one of the best parts of the series. Now we’re probably in the last season, and they’ve totally ruined that despite Maddie finally getting all she ever wanted. Also, will Deacon & Rayna ever write and perform together this season? Even though they have talked about doing that again more than once? Doesn’t seem like it. I’m starting to realize that back when they weren’t together, having them write/sing together was a surefire way to create tension. Now that they’re married, there’s no such tension there, so of course the show won’t go there.

Anyway, the Normero wedding tonight! Two of my ships getting married in the span of one week? When is the last time that happened? (Answer: Never.) Doesn’t really matter, since neither union will likely be happy for long. But let’s enjoy this while it lasts.

WALLPAPER: A Better Man (Nashville)


I’m trying a new thing where if I’m utilizing images that are high-quality enough, I’ll be making my wallpapers larger at 1680 x 1050. (I’ve previously been using 1280 x 800 on all wallpapers since 2011.) I mostly make these for my own desktop, and I have a relatively small 13″ Macbook Pro, so I’ve been using a resolution that’s convenient for me. However, I know most people have larger desktop computers now, and I want as many people to be able to use these without stretching them out. These will still be widescreen, however, so I apologize if you use a standard aspect ratio. If the image quality I’m working with isn’t good enough, I’ll keep making them in the old size.

This is the new Deacon Claybourne wallpaper I mentioned last week. It’s just a simple thing I put together. When I first started watching this show, I’d just heard the Jaymes Young song “I’ll Be Good,” and I thought it was perfect for the character. I will always be Team Deacon. I obviously don’t fault Rayna for her decisions to protect her daughter and her family during those 13 years, but I remain protective of Deacon. You really root for him to straighten out his life and to finally achieve happiness. Chip was the only reason I started watching Nashville in the first place, and if you haven’t noticed, I have a weakness for addicts anyway.

Expect a wedding wallpaper next! I also found an promotional still of Remy/Jackie that I can work with, so expect some House of Cards soon.

FANFIC: Off the Record (Nashville)

Summary: The summer after their wedding, Rayna & Deacon finally write that new album together, but as always the best songs are the ones that the rest of the world will never hear.

(So sorry about the huge font. I don’t have time to fix this now.)

They’re writing together again, and it’s been a long time coming.

In the grand scheme of their careers and their lives, one little song may not seem like the greatest accomplishment, but to Rayna and Deacon, it feels like everything. For one thing, it’s been forever. When they’d first gotten back together for good, they’d both thought that if he came out of surgery alive—and he would, he had to—their new life as a family would look just like this. That big house filled to every corner with nothing but love and music. Impromptu jam sessions before bed a couple nights a week, sometimes with the girls, sometimes without. Of course, the harsh reality those first few months was that they didn’t see as much of each other as they’d hoped to. Deacon was grieving over his late sister, down in Natchez with Scarlett for a week. Then, Rayna was at the studio 24/7 trying keep the wheels rolling for Markus’ album launch. Meanwhile, Deacon started renovating the bar he maybe never should’ve bought into—but time would tell.

Like so many songs they’ve written, the new one starts with a refrain & ends with a bridge.

WALLPAPER: The Universe We Hold Inside (Nashville)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Rayna & Deacon from Nashville

I don’t know why I have such a hard time making Nashville wallpapers that actually turn out as beautiful as I imagined them in my head. This one’s growing on me, but it’s kind of like how none my Supernatural wallpapers have ever worked out how I wanted them to. That’s probably why I never made any more despite constantly claiming I was going to. Anyway, we officially have one month left till Nashville returns for the Rayna/Deacon wedding, so this is a little something to celebrate. I also wrote a one-shot of them writing a song because let’s face it, that’s what I would really love to see them doing together again. The wedding I can take or leave. Anyway, the fanfic is just about finished. Hopefully I will post it later today or tomorrow. The lyrics on this wallpaper are from the song “Sun” by Sleeping At Last. He has a whole album of space-themed songs and I just got a bunch of new starry stock backgrounds to work with, so there will be more where this came from for my other OTPs.

I kind of feel like I’m in shipper heaven right now. Almost none of my shows are even on air at the moment, but in the past week we’ve had the Remy/Jackie snippet in the HOC trailer, a Normero kiss (!!!) in the Bates Motel trailer, new wedding footage in the Nashville promo (as well as Connie & Chip doing a duet and dancing at the Ryman), and some Jimmy/Kim present-day cuteness in the BCS premiere before it all inevitably goes to hell. And let’s not forget Milo revealing that he’s coming back for 3 of the 4 new Gilmore Girls episodes. What a time to be alive! It’s never going to be this good again. Who knows what my next wallpaper will be at this point; let’s just take it as it comes. 😉

WALLPAPER: Sometimes I Wish (Nashville)

Nashville wallpaper featuring Rayna & Deacon (Deyna)

How about that proposal in the Nashville winter finale? And why is March still so far away? I was initially conflicted about this whole scene. I’m one of those fans who don’t think there really needed to be a new ring, or even a new proposal. But then I thought about how during the first 3 proposals, Deacon never really phrased the “marry me” as a question. And if he feels the need to redo it, then I can understand. Using the dialogue from the pilot but in reverse was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. That first bridge scene is my favorite moment and quote from the whole series thus far, so I loved the callback. There was a lot more I wanted to work into this wallpaper, including the first proposal since that’s what he said he wanted to change, but it was getting very cluttered. I didn’t want to put so much focus on the diamond ring, since as I said, I prefer the first ring (but they can still use it as a wedding band, right?), but I was tired of all my recent wallpapers looking the same and I thought I could use it as a design element. I was also hoping that someone would post HQ screencaps of the latest episode before I made this, but so far no one has. Anyway, Deacon and Rayna are finally getting married! I’m so glad I didn’t get into this show until they were back together because I’m not sure I would’ve made it through all that nonsense with Luke Wheeler.

Next: I’m at the tail end of an epic Friday Night Lights binge, so I’ll probably make a wallpaper for that. Also, I’ll be finishing up some cast/character work for Breaking Bad and American Horror Story, I hope.