WALLPAPER: A Brand New World (Roswell)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Michael & Maria from Roswell

This one did not come easy. I really had some trouble finding images of acceptable quality, and these are really not the ones I would’ve chosen if I’d had a choice. Nevertheless, I like how it turned out. I will try to make some wallpapers that don’t use a blue-violet-pink color scheme soon. I’m not making any promises though. This is my 5th Roswell wallpaper, and the first since about 2004. (Actually there are more, but most of my earliest stuff didn’t make it into the archive when I started this blog.) Usually when I make five or more from the same TV series, I give it its own page. However, since I’m unlikely to ever make a Roswell wallpaper again, it will still be on Other TV.

I used the lyrics for “Earth” on this one, as it seemed fitting for the show’s themes. Only “Mars” is left. This is the trickiest one, and I haven’t started yet. I decided that since I’m fantasy-casting, I might as well choose people who not only look the part of Rachel & Tobias, but who I actually think could play the roles in the present day. I still haven’t found a worthy Rachel, so it may take some time.

Next: Nashville, Breaking Bad, One Tree Hill, or The Catch seem like the most likely candidates. I would love to make something for Remy/Jackie (House of Cards), but I need to find good images.

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