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ARCHIVE UPDATE: This is Only the Beginning

Okay, honestly I can’t even believe it, but all the pages under the Wallpapers section are now up-to-date.  I’ll still be adding a few icons and older Roswell fanfics, but for the most part, it’ll be new content from now on.  The desktop wallpapers are really the focus of this site anyway.

A lot of my best work from the past can be found on the Wallpapers > TV Shows > One Tree Hill page.  There are so many I love that some didn’t even make the favorites page.  It’s too bad I don’t watch or care about the show anymore because the height of my OTH obsession (2004-2005) just happened to coincide with the days when I was making a lot of wallpapers.  I was also experimenting with different styles, so there’s a lot of interesting stuff there, even if it didn’t quite work.  Check them out!




Okay, I finally finished updating the Wallpapers > TV Shows > Other page.  It got kind of crowded, so I made an entirely new page: Wallpapers > TV Shows > Supernatural.  It looks a bit sparse right now, but I figured I’m most likely to continue making wallpapers for SPN in the future.  (Although if my Dair obsession persists for much longer, the Gossip Girl wallpapers could also keep coming at an alarming rate.  Frankly, for the sake of my productivity as well as sanity, I hope that’s not the case.)  I guess I’ll do the Gilmore Girls page next.  Looking back, there actually aren’t that many good ones that I’m willing to put up.  Saving One Tree Hill for last because I’m sure that will be a nightmare.

I also added a ton of icons to each of the sub-pages, but I will continue to add those as I find time to go through my collection thoroughly.


ARCHIVE UPDATE: Always Leave the Ground

On the fanart front, the Wallpapers > Celebrities page is now up-to-date.  There aren’t too many of those and most are of the fabulous Alison Lohman.  I plan to do Wallpapers > Other TV next, since I started doing it a couple days ago anyway, and hopefully I can get a few batches of icons in the archive as well.

On the fanfic front, the multi-fandom series “Somewhere in this Wide World” and the LUX story “House of Light” have all been updated to their most recent state with links added to the Fanfic page.  I don’t know when I’ll write new chapters for either of them.  I hope soon, but I’m really busy writing original work right now.


ARCHIVE UPDATE: A Series of Fortunate Events

This process really is going so much more quickly than I thought! Why didn’t I do this sooner!

The Wallpapers > Movies page has been brought up to date as of now. I might find some odds and ends laying around later and I’ll add them if I do, but those are basically it. I also added some random new TV ones, but in general I’m still working on that section as most of my wallpapers fall in that category.

Also, I’ve added two one-shot fanfics, one for Jack & Jill and one for Gilmore Girls.


ARCHIVE UPDATE: A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m happy to announce that the Favorites page (see menu above) is now completely up-to-date!  All links should be working, and I have added all the wallpapers on that page onto their respective category pages as well (ex. Wallpapers > TV Shows > Other).  From here on out, I’m going to work on one page at a time, probably the easiest ones first. This process is tedious and tiring, but it’s actually been going a lot more quickly than I expected so far.  WordPress has really been making everything much easier than it used to be with my old website.

This weekend I hope to also start posting chapters of current fanfics.