WALLPAPER: South on 285 (Baron and Toluca)


As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t make a lot of Roswell wallpapers anymore. This is mainly due to how poor the image quality was for shows that ran pre-2005, particularly before widescreen HDTV existed. However, as you may be about to discover, I am a huge Roswell fan. It was the show that introduced me to internet fandom. Michael & Maria were also my first TV ship ever. Okay, so what’s Baron and Toluca? Well, that’s pretty much what we’re all wondering at this point. Basically Brendan Fehr & Majandra Delfino (who used to portray Michael & Maria on Roswell) have reunited to work on a super-secret project that may or may not be a spin-off of the old show. If you’re a fan too, click through the images in the link above and join the Twitter campaign if you haven’t already! #NETFLIXforBandT

I made a quick wallpaper mostly so I would have a handy graphic to campaign with. Still waiting on more HQ images. That might be the most exciting part of this show now that it’s 2016 and all. If it gets off the ground, you can bet you’ll see new arts from me.

Next: Still Fargo and Alias. Maybe something new for Nashville (can’t believe I haven’t yet talked about how CMT picked it up!!!) if I feel inspired. To be honest, I’m focused on finishing unfinished fanfics at the moment. But don’t worry, my ATLAS project will be completed sooner rather than later.

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