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FANFIC: For the Ones We Leave Behind – D is for Dionysian (Gossip Girl)


Dionysian |ˌdīəˈniSHən|

1 Greek Mythology: of or relating to the god Dionysus.
of or relating to the sensual, spontaneous, and emotional aspects of human nature.

  • dark, grand Dionysian music



The walk back home is a long one. 

D doesn’t even remember The Archive being this far away when he was first taken, but at least the lengthy journey gives him time to think and reflect. Home. It’s a funny word. He doesn’t even know what might be waiting there for him anymore. 

Just when he’s starting to think that he’s been tricked, that they’ll be walking around blindly forever, his escorts stop abruptly in their tracks. One by one, D hears deadbolts sliding free of their constraints. Clink, clink, clink. A heavy door opening. The world around him brightening. Then the hands that grip him by the elbows push him forwards towards— 

All at once he’s enveloped by the familiar sounds and smells of his childhood, sensations that no words in the dictionary could ever adequately describe. Pinpricks of light shine in through the holes of the burlap sack on his head. Even the air moves differently above ground. He hadn’t realized how much he’d grown accustomed to life in the Archive until now. It turns out nine months is a long time to be gone. A lot can change, both on the surface and beneath it. And yet somehow, the “real world” suddenly feels false.

He doesn’t realize his legs have stopped working until he feels a forceful pull and a gruff voice: “Keep walking.” Those are the first words they’ve said to him since this journey began.

He hears hushed whispers as they make their way through the city, and he tries to block them out. He knows what this must look like: the boy with the bag over his head, the boy who needs the law to guide him home, the boy who was chosen to take over the most prestigious position in this community. He imagines the people pointing and staring and gossiping as he walks past. Then he imagines the same people looking past and ignoring him, as if he’s already a ghost.

Overwhelmed with memories and emotions, D wills himself to focus…


WALLPAPER: Made of Precious Metals (Gossip Girl)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Dan & Blair from Gossip Girl

I was never a huge fan of the Dan/Blair Met steps scene. Too much fluffy pink all around, and Blair’s princess complex was one of my least favorite things about her. But we got some of the best HQ Dair pics from the filming of that scene. I now wish I’d saved more of the photos, because apparently all the old GG fansites where I used to get my Gossip Girl images have closed down. Well, no matter. I managed with what I had. This is the 8th wallpaper in the Sleeping At Last series, using lyrics from “Mercury.” Two more to go!

Next: American Horror Story (Frances Conroy characters), Nashville (Deacon Claybourne), more from the Sleeping At Last/Atlas: Space series.

WALLPAPER: For the Ones We Leave Behind (Gossip Girl)

Desktop wallpaper for my Gossip Girl fanfic featuring Dan & Blair (Dair)

No more than 24 hours after I wrote my previous post, two things I had said I was hoping for actually happened: HQ promo photos for The Catch were posted, and Milo Ventimiglia was confirmed for the Gossip Girl revival! Hooray!

This is a wallpaper to go along with my AU Dan/Blair fanfic, which is set in a dystopian future. If you still haven’t checked it out, you can find it here. I know it’s been a while since the previous chapter was posted, but this is a little something to tide the readers over until a new update. Don’t worry, I’m still 100% committed to finishing the last two chapters.

Next: Nashville, The Catch, Gilmore Girls, Better Call Saul, possibly something multi-fandom.

I spy Remy/Jackie in the House of Cards s4 trailer! I wish they were a more popular ship. I’m kind of over all the other characters on the show at this point. Also, how did I miss the news that Joel Kinnaman has joined the cast? Something else to look forward to.

WALLPAPER: This City (Gossip Girl)

desktop wallpaper for Gossip Girl featuring Dan & Blair (Dair)

I wanted to make a new Dan & Blair wallpaper to celebrate the continuation of my Dair fanfic (new chapter posted last weekend), so here you go! This was one of my favorite scenes between them in the later seasons, and the awesome song “The City” by Patrick Wolf has always reminded me of them. I don’t have much else to say about this. I still have a bunch of half-finished wallpapers for these two on my computer. I’m not sure why I decided to start an entirely new one here, but that’s what happened.

FANFIC: For the Ones We Leave Behind – U is for You (Gossip Girl)

Warnings (for this and later chapters): disordered eating, self-mutilation, rape. Dark themes and heavy subject matter in general. Nothing too explicit, but please proceed with caution if you are triggered by these types of things.


you |yo͞o|

pronoun [ second person singular or pl. ]

1 used to refer to the person or people that the speaker is addressing: are you listening? | I love you.
• used to refer to the person being addressed together with other people regarded in the same class: you Australians.
• used in exclamations to address one or more people: you fools | hey, you!
2 used to refer to any person in general: after a while, you get used to it.



This feels inevitable. She’s been watching them all since they were babies—maybe even earlier if you can count watching their parents as watching them, and she does. Generation upon generation, waiting for this day. The cycle never ends.

It’s not long after his birth that she’s taken a special interest in him. Is he the one? By the time he starts school, she already has a nickname for him: Lonely Boy.

Flash forward to the present, when she sees him step out of the shadows and into the light, the burlap sack coming off and she looks at his eyes—still full of wonder and awe and fresh-faced innocence and it’s almost too much to bear because it reminds her of how she used to be before she was taken all those years ago, and that’s the last thing she needs a vivid memory of right now.

D steps toward her with an outstretched hand…

WALLPAPER: Long Live the Queen (Gossip Girl)


I think I might’ve mentioned that my previous Dan & Blair wallpaper would be my last. Clearly that wasn’t quite true. This is actually something I started back when that episode first aired (or when the pics first came out) and never finished. I have one or two more unfinished wallpapers like this, so more Dair wallpapers in the future is not out of the question. I recently watched some of season 4 again and they really had such potential to be more than they were ever given.

Next: Gilmore Girls (Rory & Jess!) wallpaper, Fringe/Breaking Bad crossover wallpaper.

WALLPAPER: Your Living Room (Gossip Girl)

Your Living Room (Dan/Blair

Wow, can’t believe it’s been 5 months since my last post. I actually made this particular wallpaper 2 months ago, but I never posted it. It’s hideous and I’m well aware it’s hideous. But I’ll post it anyway. Here’s the thing: back in my first year of grad school, when I had no time to be making fanart, I had all these ideas for Dair wallpapers because we were getting so many great episode stills. Then the season 5 finale happened. I never did watch that, nor did I watch the entirety of season 6. Gossip Girl is pretty much dead to me. I don’t feel inspired to go down that path again. And I may never finish any of those other Dan/Blair wallpapers I started. I have other fandoms I’m more happy to be a part of. Please let’s just enjoy how great they were and could have been with this one because “Konstantine” is one of my favorite songs, and I always thought it was perfect for them.

FANFIC: For the Ones We Leave Behind – B is for Byzantine (Gossip Girl)

Warnings (for this and later chapters): disordered eating, self-mutilation, drug abuse. Dark themes and heavy subject matter in general. Nothing too explicit, but please proceed with caution if you are triggered by these types of things.

Byzantine |ˈbizənˌtēn; bəˈzan-; -ˌtīn|
• (of a system or situation) excessively complicated, typically involving a great deal of administrative detail
• characterized by deviousness or underhanded procedure



Rule 1: There can only be one Archivist at any given time.

Rule 2: A new Archivist is chosen every fifty years or so.

Rule 3: Archivists do not marry; they do not have children.

Rule 4: After they finish school, archivists live in isolation at an undisclosed location.

Rule 5: Archivists are the ones who record and write our histories, the ones who make sure we don’t disappear when we die.

They’re thirteen years old when the rumors start circulating, sixteen when they actually become a reality.  The official announcement comes courtesy of GG, as if it were one of her usual gossip blasts: Attention New New Yorkers, do I have a secret to share with you!  The new Archivist has been chosen and tomorrow you will hear the first clue.  Can anybody guess who?  You know you love me, GG.

Not everyone wants to be The Archivist.