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WALLPAPER: In the Darkest Rooms (The Killing)


I’ve wanted to make this The Killing wallpaper for a long time. Possibly since I finished season 2 of the series. I’ve always admired and coveted this globe lamp, and from the moment I saw that Rosie had one in her bedroom, I felt a certain kinship towards her. (All the pink and butterflies, however, I’ve never been crazy about. Personally I think they laid it on a little thick there.) I also thought the film she made for her family was beautiful, and I’m so glad they finally got to watch it together at the end of her story, as a way to say goodbye. Like my latest wallpaper for House of Cards, this wasn’t originally meant to be part of the ATLAS series, but I found a song (“The Projectionist”) that worked well, and that was good motivation for me to finally finish this. You can now see the completed ATLAS: DARKNESS/LIGHT series here on the Special Projects page.

2016 Fan Art Challenge: 50/52

Next: The Affair, Life Unexpected


WALLPAPER: The Thunder Breaks (The Killing)


So far most the wallpapers from this series have been all rainbows and loving sentiments. This one for The Killing got rather dark. Sorry about that. That wasn’t really my intention since they did get a happy ending in the epilogue. But I think I’ve nearly run out of HQ promo pics and stills for this show, and I hadn’t used these yet. That being said, I do really like how the colors turned out, even if the space theme isn’t as obvious. The lyrics here are from the song “Neptune.”

Next: It’s been a while (over 10 years!) since I made a new Michael/Maria wallpaper, but they are the next couple I’m working on for this series. (You might be thinking that I’ve been knocking out these wallpapers at five times my normal pace lately. Unfortunately, that won’t last, especially after this series is over.)

WALLPAPER: Peace of Mind (The Killing)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Linden & Holder from The Killing

As I said in my previous post, I’m working on a series of wallpapers in tribute to the best series finales of my favorite TV shows, using the Six Feet Under one I made two years ago as a sort of template. Here’s my offering for The Killing. Now, I know I already made a wallpaper for the series finale of this show, but this one I think captures the spirit of the epilogue a bit better, and I like the colors a whole lot more. I know I’ve certainly overuse the copious shots of the back of Mireille Enos’ head and her ponytail, but that’s kind of the iconic image of the series, is it not? Text is from Holder’s last words of the episode, and they are a really perfect summation of everything depicted here.

Next up: I’ll tackle the series finales of Fringe, Breaking Bad, and others. I also have some random wallpapers potentially in the works for One Tree Hill, American Horror Story, Nashville, Orphan Black, and Friday Night Lights. (I realize I’ve been talking about several of these for quite some time, and they have yet to materialize.)

WALLPAPER: It Was You & Me (The Killing)

Linden & Holder

[SPOILERS AHEAD!] I recently got to watch the series finale of The Killing, finally. Even though I had spoiled parts of it for myself, it was still incredibly moving. Not quite on the level of Six Feet Under’s finale, of course, but it was still one of the best I have seen. I wasn’t expecting all those shots of Seattle locales from the openings credits to make a comeback in those final minutes. It was very emotional for me, like a loop being closed. And of course, the song “Peace of Mind” by The Jezebels was the perfect pairing. I think maybe I just like shots of people driving while remembering the past and looking towards the future. Anyway, I’ll probably be making more wallpapers inspired by the finale along the line. I’m not really happy with this one, but my goal was to make something lighter, aesthetically speaking. All my wallpapers for this show have been very dark (with good reason) and I wanted to show both Linden & Holder getting out of homicide and moving on.

Up next: a pair of wallpapers for The Affair, as well as ones for House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and maybe Supernatural, Gossip Girl, and Better Call Saul.

WALLPAPER: When They Still Think The World (The Killing)


For the record, this is so not what I had in mind when I mentioned I wanted to make a The Killing wallpaper featuring Ray Seward. That seems to be the case with everything I make lately, however. I like how it turned out though. I knew from the beginning I wanted to make something with Ray’s monologue from “Six Minutes.” That has to be one of my new favorite TV scenes ever. The whole conversation was beautifully written and acted. Peter Sarsgaard and Mireille Enos were riveting. I wish Sarsgaard had received more awards attention for this role. The way he went from one emotion to the next, sometimes within the span of one minute, was masterful.

Next up: Fringe! Breaking Bad! Maybe even some unexpected surprises!

WALLPAPER: Broken / Picture (The Killing)


Incidentally, this is not the previously-mentioned The Killing wallpaper I was working on. But I finally got to watch season 3 and this was the result. This also concludes the 3-part The Killing wallpaper series I was doing with lyrics to Snow Patrol’s 3-part epic “The Lightning Strike.” That being said, I would still like to make a wallpaper that focuses on Ray Seward (Peter Sarsgaard) as I originally planned. He was amazing in this role and “Six Minutes” was one of this series’ most riveting episodes. I would also like to make at least one more Linden and Holder wallpaper, one that just focuses more on their relationship and not dead bodies. My OTPs never end up together, so the conclusion of this show was a refreshing change.

Aside from those, my main focuses right now are new wallpapers for DWTS and Fringe. I am also trying to finish my dystopian Dan/Blair fanfic “The Ones We Leave Behind.”

WALLPAPER: Your Fragile Bones (The Killing)

Your Fragile Bones

I guess at this point we can thank The Killing for single-handedly bringing me back to the world of desktop wallpaper-making after a hiatus of over two years. That image of Linden and Holder peering into the trunk is probably my favorite promo pic for the show, and I was looking at it the other day and suddenly just saw a swarm of butterflies flying out of the trunk towards them, so this concept was born.  I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

I’m also working on a Fringe wallpaper with Walter and Peter, and finishing one for The Big C that I started back in 2011 and never finished. This is in no way the end for The Killing, however. As you might have noticed, the last two wallpapers featured lyrics from the first two parts of Snow Patrol’s epic song “The Lightning Strike” so something will be made for the last part of the song too.

WALLPAPER: What If This Storm Ends? (The Killing)

What If This Storm Ends?

I’m baaaack. And I’m obsessed with new shows! The Killing! Fringe! American Horror Story! Dexter! There are some other new wallpapers in the works, including another Linden and Holder one because I love them. I have a bunch of unfinished Dan & Blair ones from over two years ago that will probably (sadly) never be finished because I am over Gossip Girl. I also have a new chapter of “House of Light” that I wrote last summer but never posted here.