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Desktop wallpapers that were created as part of a series, excluding the ATLAS collection, and often stretching across multiple TV series or fandoms.

Click on the thumbnail for full size. These are all from 2011-2016.


The Project: Following a TV series throughout its entire run can sometimes be quite a commitment. As a fan, you can only hope that at the very end, there will be a payoff that makes your devotion worth it. Six Feet Under had its share of flaws during a 5-year run, but the writers managed to pull off one of the most affecting and satisfying series finales ever. The last 10 minutes are some of the best TV I’ve ever seen, and I doubt it will be surpassed any time soon. Nevertheless, here is a series of wallpapers in tribute to some of the best epilogues to some of my favorite TV series.
Status: Ongoing
Desktop wallpaper featuring Nora & Kevin from The Leftovers Desktop wallpaper for the Fringe series finale
Desktop wallpaper featuring Linden & Holder from The Killing Six Feet Under wallpaper featuring Nate Fisher & Claire Fisher


The FANFIC Series
The Project: This is fairly straightforward. It’s a series of wallpapers that correspond directly to some of the fanfics I’ve written in the past or am currently still working on, particularly the longer, multi-chapter ones. You can find the stories themselves on my fanfic page.
Status: Ongoing

Desktop wallpaper for my Gossip Girl fanfic featuring Dan & Blair (Dair) 0holwall1

1. “For The Ones We Leave Behind” (Dan/Blair, Gossip Girl)
2. “House of Light” (Lux Cassidy, Life Unexpected)
3. “Somewhere in this Wide World” (Multi-couples, Multi-fandom)


The Project: The band Snow Patrol has this brilliant and epic song “The Lightning Strike [Parts 1, 2, and 3]” that is made of three stormy musical movements. I think it’s one of their best. I was listening to it one day while I first began binge-watching The Killing and the lyrics and atmosphere of the song seemed to fit the show so well. I set out to include lyrics from each three parts in three separate wallpapers for the show.
Status: Complete

lightningwall3300 Desktop wallpaper for The Killing featuring Sarah Linden & Stephen Holder
Desktop wallpaper for the TV series The Killing featuring Sarah Linden & Stephen Holder


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