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WALLPAPER: More Than What I’ve Become (Supernatural)


My wallpaper for the song “Heirloom” was originally supposed to include Dan/Nathan/Lucas from One Tree Hill, but since I’d already made a OTH wallpaper for the same series, I decided to go in another wrong direction. More Supernatural wallpapers! I actually really like how this one turned out. I’ve always wanted to do something with this Impala photoshoot. (Don’t worry, I have something else planned for our beloved Scott family.)

Speaking of One Tree Hill, I recently redid that Lucas/Peyton wallpaper yet again. This is the last time, I swear. It’s actually kind of fitting these two ended up in the same post, because it gives us Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton together, as well as the guy who set them up in the first place!


Next: I really want to finally finish this ATLAS series, so The Killing, The Affair, and Life Unexpected are definitely next in line, and likely in that order. Everything else will have to wait. The new one for The Killing is almost done, and it’s the final piece of the “Light” album puzzle, so look for that very soon.


WALLPAPER: To Make Light (Alias)


I think it might be 12 years since I made my last Alias wallpaper. That makes me feel old. It has also been about a decade since the show ended. That also makes me feel old. I still don’t understand what Rambaldi is, exactly. I don’t think anyone who worked on that show knows to this day. Anyway, if you know me, you know that my favorite thing about the series was always the Jack and Syd relationship. I’m so glad VG and JG have stayed such close friends over the years because they were so compelling together. It would be great if they did another project in the future. I don’t think this song “Uneven Odds” from the Atlas: Darkness album (clearly I was a lot more inspired by the Darkness album than the Light one) really fits the relationship on the show completely, but hopefully the lyrics I picked out work well.

Next (in no particular order): Breaking Bad, The Killing, Supernatural, Girl Meets World, The Affair.

WALLPAPER: When the Darkness Crashes (Fargo)


I first started another Fargo wallpaper earlier this year combining the main casts of the first two seasons in one collage. I still haven’t finished it, but I made this one after going through the lyrics to the song “Woodwork” from the Atlas: Darkness album over and over again in my head. I could think of a few of my favorite shows that featured prominent story lines of car crashes, but the problem was I had used them all already in this series, and I’d made that rule not to repeat any fandoms. But then I was looking over the promo photos for Fargo, and it hit me. The perfect fit. I love both Kirsten and Jesse in season 2; so glad they were both nominated for Emmys earlier this month, along with Bokeem Woodbine! And Noah Hawley, of course! Can’t wait for season 3, especially since Carrie Coon was just cast. She’ll be in two of the best shows on TV next season, damn.

2016 Fan Art Challenge: 44/52

Next: Alias, The Killing, Breaking Bad, possibly Girl Meets World.

WALLPAPER: We’ve Barely Caught A Glimpse (The Leftovers)


I know I said something about a new Bates Motel wallpaper, and clearly this is not it. I also know that all my wallpapers for The Leftovers so far are very similar looking. It’s not intentional. I think the show just creates a very specific mood and aesthetic. I also think that I love starry/space backgrounds. This one uses the lyrics from “Overture” which is the first track on Atlas: Darkness. It was supposed to include the entire main cast, but the images from the only photoshoot they’ve done aren’t really conducive to that. The close-ups make it hard to fit all the people in, which is why we’re left with Kevin & Nora. You can also click here for the alternate versions of this wallpaper.

Even after the tweaks I made to my last One Tree Hill wallpaper, I remain unsatisfied with it. So it is possible I’ll keep revisiting that one until I think I’ve gotten it right.

Next: I’m working on new stuff for Alias, The Killing, Bates Motel, and Fringe. But the bigger story is that I’m about 75% done with the new chapter of my AU dystopian Gossip Girl fanfic, “For the Ones We Leave Behind.” I’ve already kept people waiting for too long, so my #1 priority right now is finishing that.

WALLPAPER: Rewritten (One Tree Hill)


ETA (Aug 14): I have now uploaded an improved version of this wallpaper. I  found an excellent new athletic font (PROMESH), and I had to try it out. I’m much happier with this version on the whole. This is the last time I will be re-tooling this one, I promise!

I’m not sure what’s more shocking, the fact that I haven’t made a single One Tree Hill wallpaper since 2006 (!) or the fact that I have never made a Leyton wallpaper at all, ever. I’m usually very loyal to my ships, and I never multi-ship, but Peyton Sawyer is pretty much the exception to the rule. I liked her with everyone, even Nathan after he became less of a dick. But when all was said and done, I was pleased she and Lucas got their happy ending. This wallpaper uses lyrics from “I’ll Keep You Safe,” which is on the Atlas: Darkness album. Out of all the wallpapers in this series, this pairing of subject and song was never in doubt. Using LUX for “Light” was also obvious (I mean, come on) but this song could’ve been written for Lucas & Peyton. It’s that perfect for them. I’ll be the first to admit there’s one too many things going on in this wallpaper, but I couldn’t bring myself to delete any of it.

2016 Fan Art Challenge: 40/52

Next: The remaining 6 wallpapers in this series will be more challenging. It could be a while before you see more. I’ll probably finish that Bates Motel wallpaper first.

WALLPAPER: Right from the Start (Gossip Girl)


ATLAS: SPACE and ATLAS: LAND worked out so well, why not go ahead and do the remaining two albums from ATLAS: YEAR ONE? I first started doing this series because I’d been making so many wallpapers in a row for the same TV shows and couples, and I couldn’t find much motivation or inspiration to break out of that pattern. Challenging myself to find the perfect fit for each track’s lyrics (with the rule that I couldn’t repeat the same subject twice) has really made a difference.

This wallpaper, using lyrics from “Bad Blood” on ATLAS: DARKNESS, is the perfect example. I have loved Rufus & Lily since Gossip Girl first began. They were my main ship from the show before Dair became a reality in the middle of s4. I’ve always wanted to make a Rufly wallpaper, but never did. (In my defense, there aren’t too many HQ images to choose from.) I’m sad about their fate at the conclusion of the series. Maybe the writers never intended for them to end up together, or maybe they realized they were actually not well-suited for each other after all. The fact that Rayna & Deacon from Nashville are an improved version of them takes the sting away a little bit.

2016 Fan Art Challenge: 36/52

Next: One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected, Bates Motel. I already finished my Nashville/Deyna tribute. You can peek it right now on the Nashville page. I’ll make a post on Wednesday morning probably. #BringBackNashville