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WALLPAPER: We Were Full of Life (Animorphs)


Can it really be? Is this the last piece of the ATLAS: SPACE series? In the end, I chose to make an Animorphs wallpaper with Kiernan Shipka as Rachel and Miles Heizer as Tobias. I’m still not 100% happy with this “casting” choice, but I’m happy with how it turned out aesthetically. I was able to find pics of them that really fit my vision for the wallpaper. These two were my first ship ever, back when I was about 10 years old. (I’m totally dating myself here.) I’ve seen some comments on Tumblr that are along the lines of, “When Rachel & Tobias are your first ship, you know you’re in for a long, hard road of shipping.” Ain’t that the truth. All of my OTPs since have that one thing that really connects them to each other, that one little thing where you watch them and think, “Those two are soulmates.” If Rory & Jess or Dan & Blair aren’t bantering about books & music or movies & art (respectively), then what’s the point? If Linden & Holder aren’t riding around in a car smoking cigarettes, then what are we watching for? And if Rayna & Deacon aren’t writing and playing music together, why should we even care about this show anymore (hint hint)? For Rachel & Tobias, it was always about riding thermals together in their bird morphs, teasing each other in private thought-speak. “The two of you and the two of me.” It was beautiful, and that connection (along with the morphing cube that started it all, the beginning of the end) is what I tried to allude to in this wallpaper.

I’m not sure what’s happening with this new Animorphs movie that they’re supposedly making but I hope they’ll do a good job with finding the right Rachel. She’s by far the most complex character, and therefore the most difficult to cast. In the old TV series, Brooke Nevin was a decent actress, but she was totally wrong for the part.

Anyway, now that this series is done, I’ll probably go back to making wallpapers much less frequently. I have finished a House of Cards one that I’ll post next. And I’m also working on one for the Nashville wedding. I will also go back to working on some new wallpapers for my series finale series.


WALLPAPER: A Brand New World (Roswell)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Michael & Maria from Roswell

This one did not come easy. I really had some trouble finding images of acceptable quality, and these are really not the ones I would’ve chosen if I’d had a choice. Nevertheless, I like how it turned out. I will try to make some wallpapers that don’t use a blue-violet-pink color scheme soon. I’m not making any promises though. This is my 5th Roswell wallpaper, and the first since about 2004. (Actually there are more, but most of my earliest stuff didn’t make it into the archive when I started this blog.) Usually when I make five or more from the same TV series, I give it its own page. However, since I’m unlikely to ever make a Roswell wallpaper again, it will still be on Other TV.

I used the lyrics for “Earth” on this one, as it seemed fitting for the show’s themes. Only “Mars” is left. This is the trickiest one, and I haven’t started yet. I decided that since I’m fantasy-casting, I might as well choose people who not only look the part of Rachel & Tobias, but who I actually think could play the roles in the present day. I still haven’t found a worthy Rachel, so it may take some time.

Next: Nashville, Breaking Bad, One Tree Hill, or The Catch seem like the most likely candidates. I would love to make something for Remy/Jackie (House of Cards), but I need to find good images.

WALLPAPER: Every Little Fracture in Me (Better Call Saul)


Might as well post my Better Call Saul wallpaper from the ATLAS: SPACE series, since it’s not likely I’ll be redoing it at this point. On second look, it’s not actually that bad. This one uses lyrics from “Jupiter.” I haven’t been able to see the new season of Better Call Saul yet, except for a few clips here and there. I’m really starting to get the terrible feeling that Kim is somehow dead during the Breaking Bad years. I’m not basing this on any concrete evidence, it’s just a paranoid gut feeling I have. I hope I’m wrong. (And if it makes you feel better, I pretty much always am about stuff like this.)

WALLPAPER: Made of Precious Metals (Gossip Girl)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Dan & Blair from Gossip Girl

I was never a huge fan of the Dan/Blair Met steps scene. Too much fluffy pink all around, and Blair’s princess complex was one of my least favorite things about her. But we got some of the best HQ Dair pics from the filming of that scene. I now wish I’d saved more of the photos, because apparently all the old GG fansites where I used to get my Gossip Girl images have closed down. Well, no matter. I managed with what I had. This is the 8th wallpaper in the Sleeping At Last series, using lyrics from “Mercury.” Two more to go!

Next: American Horror Story (Frances Conroy characters), Nashville (Deacon Claybourne), more from the Sleeping At Last/Atlas: Space series.

WALLPAPER: Moon (Supernatural)

Desktop wallpaper featuring John & Mary Winchester from Supernatural

This is my first Supernatural wallpaper in a long time. Sleeping at Last’s Atlas: Space album has 11 songs, but 2 of them are instrumentals, so I have 9 sets of lyrics to work with. I want to make it an even 10 wallpapers, so after some thought I decided that Supernatural would work really well with a moon theme (hell, I’ve already done it before if you look at my Supernatural page in the archive) without any other text. I love John & Mary so much. Young, old, dead, alive, possessed, alternate universe, flashback, etc. I don’t care! I love them separately and together in all forms. They are really my only romantic ship on that show. If they got more screen time, they would be one of my OTPs.

I have 3 more wallpapers to go before I finish out the series: “Mercury” (Dan/Blair), “Earth” (Michael/Maria), “Mars” (Rachel/Tobias). These will probably take a bit longer than the others because I’ve really had to hunt for the right images (particularly the Animorphs one because I’ve decided to do my own fantasy re-casting), but I plan to get them all done soon.

Next: Promo stills from the Nashville wedding have been released! This is not a drill! I am really tempted to make something with them, but I know I should wait for the actual episode to air. Less than 2 weeks. Let’s see if I cave before then. I’ve been wanting to do Deacon Claybourne solo wallpaper. I might do that instead. I’ve also been working on an American Horror Story thing.

WALLPAPER: The Thunder Breaks (The Killing)


So far most the wallpapers from this series have been all rainbows and loving sentiments. This one for The Killing got rather dark. Sorry about that. That wasn’t really my intention since they did get a happy ending in the epilogue. But I think I’ve nearly run out of HQ promo pics and stills for this show, and I hadn’t used these yet. That being said, I do really like how the colors turned out, even if the space theme isn’t as obvious. The lyrics here are from the song “Neptune.”

Next: It’s been a while (over 10 years!) since I made a new Michael/Maria wallpaper, but they are the next couple I’m working on for this series. (You might be thinking that I’ve been knocking out these wallpapers at five times my normal pace lately. Unfortunately, that won’t last, especially after this series is over.)

WALLPAPER: Like A Telescope (Smallville)


It’s been a long while since I made a Smallville wallpaper, but it seemed fitting to revisit the Clark/Lois pairing for a series of space-themed wallpapers. These lyrics from Sleeping At Last’s “Venus” fit them better than any of my other ships. I loved the version of Lois and Clark that was on Smallville, but I haven’t given them too much thought since the show ended precisely because I was completely satisfied with how they handled the pairing. In the end, we even got to see a lot more of their romantic relationship than I thought we would. (I had thought they wouldn’t allow them to be a real couple until the very last episodes, if that.)

WALLPAPER: Where My Skin Begins (Bates Motel)

Normero Bates Motel wallpaper

I’m very excited to see what season 4 has in store for the Bates Motel universe, both for the development of the Normero relationship and for the general development of the plot and characters as we inch ever closer to the Psycho universe. What you see above came from a wallpaper I had started making last fall but never finished, and I’ve adapted it to fit the next in my Sleeping At Last series. This one uses lyrics from the song “Pluto.” It’s sort of my interpretation of how Bates Motel will eventually feed into the Psycho canon. For example, we know Norman poisons his mother and her lover with Strychnine. Could the lover be Alex Romero? Of course, we have no way of knowing at the moment, but I think it will lessen the impact if they introduce a new character later on. Anyway, I hinted a bit at this speculation with the chemical formula for Strychnine in the background, and psychotic Norman sitting in front of the mirror in his mother’s bedroom.

Speaking of this Sleeping At Last series, I’ve created a new page on the blog called Special Projects, where you can find all of my wallpaper series that cross multiple fandoms. You can also find out a little more about what inspired them, so check it out if you’re interested. You can click the link or just look under Wallpapers on the menu.

Next: A few wallpapers are in-progress right now, including ones for Smallville (Clois), Better Call Saul (McWexler), and Friday Night Lights (Cast).