WALLPAPER: The Other Side (Baron + Toluca)


This is basically just the wallpaper version of a graphic I made for the #NETFLIXforBandT Twitter campaign a couple weeks ago. My sister and I ran out of original things to write in our tweets so we started coming up with bad jokes and puns in a Skype brainstorming session. ICYMI: Brendan & Majandra did an interview with HuffPost where they revealed more about the potential new show Baron + Toluca. Unfortunately, I had to go back down to 1280×800 for the full size of this wallpaper, due to lack of HQ images.

I’ve also given Roswell & B+T its own page here in the archive. And I added back in some of the super old wallpapers I’d previously deleted.

Next: Nashville, The Killing, Girl Meets World, Supernatural. I’ll also be redoing that last One Tree Hill wallpaper I made, yet again. This time I’m using different images because the first ones clearly just weren’t working.

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