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WALLPAPER: The Half I See (Breaking Bad)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Gus Fring from Breaking Bad

Okay, so I’d intended to make a Breaking Bad wallpaper featuring Gus Fring before season 3 of Better Call Saul began airing, because I wanted to do something to celebrate his return. As you can see it took me so long to get to it that not only is the season actually over, but it’s been over for over a month. The good news is his storyline is just beginning so I imagine he’ll probably continue to have a large role in season 4. So far I haven’t been disappointed with what they’ve given us. I know some people complain about it, but I personally enjoy the slow-burn of BCS very much. With this wallpaper I wanted to reference the circumstances of Fring’s eventual demise, which I won’t describe fully in case there are people who still haven’t finished watching the series (what are you waiting for?) lurking around here.

Next: Bates Motel, Better Call Saul, Lost, A Series of Unfortunate Events. Those are my best guesses.


WALLPAPER: In Perfect Silence (Breaking Bad)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Walt & Jesse from Breaking Bad

I finally made another Breaking Bad wallpaper. Hard to believe it’s been almost two years since the last real one, but I guess I just don’t feel all that inspired to mess with perfection. (This isn’t one of the wallpapers I’ve had in progress in the past couple months. I still plan to finish those too at some point.) I’m in the middle of a season 3 re-watch and I came across the scene where Gale recites the Walt Whitman poem for Walter. Suddenly I had a vision for how those lines might be used to depict the series in a graphic, and so here we are.

Next: Better Call Saul, Kawhi Leonard, Bates Motel, Nashville. That’s right, I said Kawhi Leonard. I would like to make that one before the NBA playoffs start this weekend, so it’s first and foremost in my mind right. The BCS one is near completion.

WALLPAPER: W.W. (Breaking Bad)


Hard to believe that I’m now on the final season of Breaking Bad and have yet to make a wallpaper featuring these two! I guess I’ve been so riveted by what’s happening on screen that there has been no need! After watching season one, I thought that the series was a bit overrated, but the subsequent seasons have been phenomenal. Truly one of the best all-around TV series I’ve ever had the pleasure of following. Walter & Jesse are for sure the best thing about it though; admittedly I sometimes get bored when the characters are on the outs, or worse yet barely interacting at all.

Since my last post, I have fixed the last of the broken links from my old fotoshack uploads (I was horrified that I hadn’t finished updating those, and that people were clicking and getting an error page!) and hopefully I will have new wallpapers for Bates Motel, The Killing, Orphan Black, and maybe others coming your way soon!