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WALLPAPER: Blue Skies (The Leftovers)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Nora & Kevin from The Leftovers

I apologize for basically making two The Leftovers wallpapers in a row. It wasn’t my intention, but I was inspired to make my contribution for the series finale series while the episode was still fresh on my mind. Don’t worry, updates for other fandoms will be coming soon. Once again, this show has been completely snubbed in all major categories with the latest Emmy nominations. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this point, but I hoped with it being the final season, things would be different. As I said in my previous post, I could go on and on about how brilliant the series is and how much it means to me, but I’m going to spare you my meandering thoughts about life, love, and the universe. This final scene was an exercise in the beauty and simplicity of the art of storytelling, and it encapsulated all the best that this show has become over 3 seasons.

Next: Arrival, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Bates Motel, others.

I think I’ve now fixed all the broken Photobucket links on my wallpaper pages. The ones on the icon/avatar pages will take a lot longer to straighten out, and I’m not sure it’s worth it at this point. I don’t think anyone visits my blog for the icons anyway. I’ve temporarily removed those pages from the main menu and I’ll put it back up whenever I have time to update them, I suppose.


WALLPAPER: White Tulip (Fringe)

Desktop wallpaper for the Fringe series finale

Apparently Photobucket can’t be trusted as an image host anymore either, so I’ll be moving all my thumbnails over to WordPress at some point.

Meanwhile, here is my wallpaper in tribute to the Fringe series finale. I’m starting to think this whole wallpaper series was a good idea in theory but maybe a bit silly in practice. Everything is starting to look the same, which admittedly was the point, but anyway, I still plan to continue either way. Recently Blair Brown came out with the accusation that Fringe became a “boy show” and was all about Walter & Peter at the end despite premiering with Olivia as the lead character. While she has a point about male TV writers often not knowing how to write women, I don’t think that pertains to this show. Walter & Peter were always the heart of this show. Even Anna Torv has admitted as much in interviews. And despite the “secret” not being revealed until the season 1 finale, it was always planned from the beginning. Although the final season of Fringe may not have been the best overall, it was a very satisfying conclusion for the series.

Next: Breaking Bad, Gilmore Girls, Bates Motel, possibly House of Cards.

WALLPAPER: Peace of Mind (The Killing)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Linden & Holder from The Killing

As I said in my previous post, I’m working on a series of wallpapers in tribute to the best series finales of my favorite TV shows, using the Six Feet Under one I made two years ago as a sort of template. Here’s my offering for The Killing. Now, I know I already made a wallpaper for the series finale of this show, but this one I think captures the spirit of the epilogue a bit better, and I like the colors a whole lot more. I know I’ve certainly overuse the copious shots of the back of Mireille Enos’ head and her ponytail, but that’s kind of the iconic image of the series, is it not? Text is from Holder’s last words of the episode, and they are a really perfect summation of everything depicted here.

Next up: I’ll tackle the series finales of Fringe, Breaking Bad, and others. I also have some random wallpapers potentially in the works for One Tree Hill, American Horror Story, Nashville, Orphan Black, and Friday Night Lights. (I realize I’ve been talking about several of these for quite some time, and they have yet to materialize.)

WALLPAPER: Tell Me A Secret (Dexter)


I finally finished watching the complete Dexter series a few months ago. While watching the finale, I was expecting the worse because of all the bellyaching I had heard back in 2013 about what an awful series finale it was and how badly it ended. I don’t really understand all the hate. Sure, it wasn’t the most satisfying ending ever (that prize goes to that other Michael C. Hall show, Six Feet Under) and the show definitely overstayed its welcome for about 3 extra seasons, but I enjoyed the way it ended. I actually think it ended better than Breaking Bad did, and that show was far superior in almost every other way. Not only that, some of those shots from the last 5 minutes or so of the Dexter finale were breathtakingly beautiful! So I knew I had to make a wallpaper from the screencaps.

You can find a spoiler-y version of this Dexter wallpaper here.

WALLPAPER: Fade to White (Six Feet Under)

Here’s one for the new year.  As I mentioned in the last post, new wallpapers are still in progress for a spectrum shows, such as Fringe, Dexter, The Killing, and Gossip Girl. I just finished watching all five seasons of Six Feet Under, however, and the series finale really affected me in the best way possible (can’t stop re-watching!) so I had to make a wallpaper in tribute.

May the year 2014 bring us more great TV beginnings and endings, like this one.

(Sidenote: I noticed a few weeks back that, the image hosting service where I used to upload all the full-size images of my wallpapers, was down. I wasn’t sure how long that had been going on and how long my old work had been inaccessible to visitors of the site, but I’ll be doing a complete overall in the next couple of weeks and transferring everything into this site itself, to mitigate the instances of broken links.)