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WALLPAPER: Giselle (Better Call Saul)


I don’t think it’s any secret that I didn’t really love any of the female characters on Breaking Bad. It’s the only major criticism (besides that one extremely obvious continuity error with Jane and her popsicle, which bugs me every time I watch that scene) I can find for a show that was perfect in so many ways. That’s why I’m so glad that Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould created Kim Wexler for Better Call Saul, because she is my favorite character on the series. In some part, this wallpaper is about Kim’s relationship to Jimmy. But on a deeper level, it’s just about the inner conflict within Kim herself. We don’t know as much about her childhood as we do Jimmy’s. We only know that she grew up in a small town in the Midwest and pursued law in New Mexico because she didn’t want to end up cashiering at the local Hinky Dinky for the rest of her life. Now she’s grown into a pragmatic person who has a specific future planned out and is trying to get there the right way. And yet, Jimmy brings out the con artist in her. She is intrigued and seduced by that lifestyle, despite her misgivings. During the season, Kim asks Jimmy what kind of lawyer he’s going to be, but she might as well be asking herself. And even though she ultimately decides she doesn’t want to be partners with him, I’m willing to bet we haven’t seen the last of Giselle St. Clair.

Next: I know I said I was working on new wallpapers for Nashville and Lemony Snicket but those didn’t get completed in time. Still coming though.


WALLPAPER: Every Little Fracture in Me (Better Call Saul)


Might as well post my Better Call Saul wallpaper from the ATLAS: SPACE series, since it’s not likely I’ll be redoing it at this point. On second look, it’s not actually that bad. This one uses lyrics from “Jupiter.” I haven’t been able to see the new season of Better Call Saul yet, except for a few clips here and there. I’m really starting to get the terrible feeling that Kim is somehow dead during the Breaking Bad years. I’m not basing this on any concrete evidence, it’s just a paranoid gut feeling I have. I hope I’m wrong. (And if it makes you feel better, I pretty much always am about stuff like this.)

WALLPAPER: Over / Come (Better Call Saul)

Desktop wallpaper for Better Call Saul featuring Jimmy & Kim (McWexler)

Don’t ask me to explain what’s going on here. I had a vision for this wallpaper and it wasn’t working out, and I think it may have gotten out of hand in the end. The yellow and black feels a little too overbearing now. I tried to keep some of the same visual and emotional themes from the previous Jimmy & Kim wallpaper I did, so think of this one as the sequel. They’ve finished shooting season 2 of Better Call Saul now, so I’m really curious where they take this relationship. Hopefully we get more glimpses of their past, because that’s what is most intriguing underneath it all. I still haven’t lost hope that it doesn’t end completely badly for them. But that’s probably foolish of me.

Next: I’ve made a lot of ship-y wallpapers lately, so I want to make something else. It’ll probably be something from Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, Supernatural, or Gilmore Girls. (In other words, I have no idea what I might come  up with. Knowing me it won’t be anything from any of those shows.)

WALLPAPER: I Don’t Have A Long Time (Better Call Saul)

I Don't Have A Long Time

This will not be my last Better Call Saul wallpaper, I can guarantee that! I love this show, even though I went into it with such high expectations. So far, Breaking Bad is still the superior show, but I wasn’t completely sold on that either until season 2, so I have faith that Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould know what they’re doing and will raise the stakes even more in the next season. What surprised me was how much I enjoyed the new characters, especially Kim Wexler. I didn’t really care for most of the female characters on Breaking Bad, except for maybe Jane, who didn’t last long. I also didn’t really “ship” anyone on that show, but the Jimmy and Kim relationship is very intriguing, and they are obviously good for each other. But there’s so much we still don’t know about their past, and I’m pretty excited to delve into that next season. (Why is 2016 so far away!) Of course, it makes me sad to think that Jimmy will end up in Nebraska making cinnamon buns, living on edge for the rest of his life, and without this great friend who just wants happiness for him. The concept of this wallpaper is that she’s the only one who can stop him from becoming Saul Goodman and meeting Walter White and spiraling into a terrible future of anonymity, but she’s running out of time. I tried to incorporate a lot of elements of the show into this stylistically, including using the colors of Jimmy’s awesome Esteem car. The gorgeous lyrics are from “A Great Design” by Black Marble.  (P.S. I am rocking this wallpaper on my own desktop right now!)

I was reading through my old posts, and it seems I’ve been promising a new Supernatural wallpaper for the last 4 years, and none have been made. I suppose I might actually get to that soon. What you’ll see from me next, however, will probably be something new from The Killing.