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WALLPAPER: I Woke (Friday Night Lights)

Landry & Tyra

I’ve been wanting to make a Landry/Tyra Friday Night Lights wallpaper for a long time. While I love Kyle & Connie too, Jesse & Annie (who I knew previously from Breaking Bad and Supernatural, two of my all-time favorite TV shows) were actually the main reason I wanted to watch the show in the first place. I guess you could say I was rooting for them before I’d even seen the pilot and knew who their characters were. I love the series finale “Always,” I do. It’s a beautifully crafted ending to a powerful series, and Jason Katims absolutely deserves all the accolades he received for writing it. However, I will never agree with how they left things with these two. I never expected their romantic relationship to last, but their friendship was something special, and to see Tyra blow Landry off in season 4 and then not get any closure between the two in the finale was wrong. Instead, Tyra has suddenly been in love with Riggins since kindergarten, even though they’d barely had any scenes together since they broke up in early season 1. And Landry shows up at the beginning of the finale only to disappear completely afterwards. In fact, Landry was completely gypped all around. Not only did he never get the girl, but he never got a ring either: He wasn’t on the team yet in season 1 when they first won the state championship, and he’d already graduated in season 5 when they finally won again. But I guess fans can take comfort in the fact that Jesse’s career has really blown up since then. And I’m also really excited to watch The Orville this fall.

This wallpaper is a reference to one of their most pivotal episodes, “The Giving Tree.” The reason it took me so long to make is because it was hard to find good images. I also hated Tyra’s haircut in seasons 2 and 3, which are the main seasons they were together. But in the end, these pics worked for the story I wanted to tell. I like the idea of them burying the past between them and moving on from that. And maybe one day when they’re ready, they can be close friends again. Those roots are there, and they go deep.

Next: Arrival, The Leftovers. Also, I just noticed last night that Photobucket is now requiring users to upgrade their accounts in order to hotlink on a third party site. Obviously I’m not going to do that. So I’ll be moving the last of my thumbnails over to WordPress ASAP. Please bear with me.


WALLPAPER: Let Our Hearts Open Wide (Friday Night Lights)


When it came to picking a fandom for the song “North,” I had three candidates in mind. First was Gilmore Girls, because the lyrics immediately reminded me of Lorelai starting a new life with Rory in Stars Hollow after running from the high-society lifestyle she grew up in with her parents. Another option, which I nixed very quickly, was Bates Motel. Again, the song reminded me of Norma buying the Bates Motel on foreclosure and driving Norman out there to start a new life. I decided against it mostly because I’ve already made so many Bates wallpapers lately. Clearly I didn’t need the additional inspiration.

Friday Night Lights is a harder sell on the surface, because the Taylors already lived in Dillon when the show started. But Texas is home to me, and I felt a personal connection that was hard to ignore. I think about how Julie always hated life in small-town Texas and yearned to see the world, but how she finally admits in her college interview how much Dillon has helped shape who she is. (Her eventual decision, then, to go to college in Burleson of all places, seems a bit odd, but I don’t pretend to understand any decision Julie made in season 5.) I also think about how Eric & Tami moved to Philadelphia at the end of the series so she could accept a dream job, and how I felt a twinge of disappointment that they’d left Texas, but at the same time I knew it would still always be home. And how, no matter where they were, their hearts would be open and full.

2016 Fan Art Challenge: 34/52

Next: Either Fringe of Life Unexpected. Nashville. Orphan Black. Breaking Bad. Maybe some other surprises.

WALLPAPER: Possibility (Friday Night Lights)


One of my favorite moments on Friday Night Lights (and there are many) happens when Tyra goes roadtripping to state championships with Landry at the end of season 3 and he gets her to rewrite her college essay and mold it into something that’s truly unique to her experience. The resulting passage that she reads as a voiceover is so beautiful and lovely that it only makes me madder that they completely ruined her character in the last two seasons. She was my favorite, and I still don’t quite get the decision to erase 3 seasons of character growth. I didn’t really expect her romantic relationship with Landry to last past high school, but what about their close friendship? I don’t believe for a second that she would’ve completely blown him off in season 4, and then we didn’t even get any kind of closure for them at the end of the series when they both came back to Dillon. It completely ruined the series finale for me. Oh well. In this wallpaper, I wanted to use that quote from her essay as a bridge into the new landscape the show took on in season 4, because I think it applies to risk they were taking in going from the Panthers to the Lions. It even extends beyond the series, when Tami takes the job in Philly and she and Eric have to start over again elsewhere. Life is all about possibilities, even in the years after college. And even in the years before. I was so glad Coach Taylor ended up coaching high school again because he was so good with kids that age throughout the series that I believe his impact would be wasted in college athletics.

Next: The Killing (Linden/Holder), Roswell (Michael/Maria), possibly House of Cards.

WALLPAPER: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts (Friday Night Lights)

Friday Night Lights desktop wallpaper

I’m a little more than halfway through season 4 of my Friday Night Lights binge, so there’s still over a season left to go, but already I don’t want it to end. Although I’m glad this series didn’t come on the air until after I was done with high school myself, I regret that it took me so long to watch it. I grew up in Texas like the characters, and I don’t think there’s another state in the US that has had a more unfair treatment in the media. Stereotypes abound. Judgment from every direction. Everyone has an opinion about Texas, but only those of us who have spent a significant portion of our lives there really know what it’s like to live there, both the good and the bad, and the delicate balance that is wonderfully depicted on this show. The main reason I kept putting off watching it for so long is because I hate football. I wasn’t worried that I wouldn’t like it because I love all great sports movies, regardless of how I feel about the particular sport. I was worried that the show would somehow turn me into a football fan after all those years, and I didn’t want that. Well, I’m happy to report that while I understand the game a whole lot better now, I still think it’s idiotic. I’m also happy to report that that fact doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of the show at all, and all the wonderful things people have said about it are all true. (Sidenote: as you might have figured by looking around my blog archive, I was a huge fan of One Tree Hill when I was in high school and college, partially because I am a huge basketball fan. Now if only they could’ve combined these two shows somehow, it would be the greatest teen show ever made.)

I haven’t even talked about the actual Friday Night Lights wallpaper yet. I like how this turned out. It’s on my own desktop now. This is a bit of a return to the style I was doing a lot back in 2014. I just hope the yellow isn’t too bright on everyone’s screens because it didn’t look that way on my other computer and now I feel it’s blinding me like the sun.

Next: Just finishing up season 1 of The Leftovers (now there’s a show you should not binge!) and I have a great idea for a wallpaper, though I’m not yet sure it’ll pan out. Stay tuned!