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WALLPAPER: The People We Love (Orphan Black)

Sarah Manning & Beth Childs

I made a new Orphan Black wallpaper before the holidays and keep forgetting to post it. I love this quote from Beth in the dream sequence in s3. It’s one of my favorite scenes from the whole series. I’ve always wanted to make a wallpaper of it, but didn’t really have high quality images, so once I saw this episode still from the pilot of Sarah standing on that train platform, I knew I wanted to take it back to the first-ever scene of the show, one of the best I’ve seen. It hooks you like nothing else, even if you’re a little lost at first, kind of like Sarah. After the past season, I’m can say that Beth is one of my favorite clones. We only get small glimpses of her in the first 3, but I’m so glad they finally rewound the timeline and gave her her due.

I used to make a separate page for a TV show once I hit 5 wallpapers, but now that I’ve split the Other TV page into two sections, that doesn’t seem so necessary. Let the new number be 7!

Next: Honestly there’s no telling anymore. And I’m not sure if I’ll squeeze one in before the new year, but it’s possible. I do really want to make ones for Nashville and Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events with the new promo pics before their respective premieres. So I suppose that’s my first priority.


WALLPAPER: Who Am I? (Orphan Black)

Surprisingly, two seasons of Orphan Black have come and gone, but this is my first wallpaper for the series. I guess I was just never inspired by the promo shoots, but the other day I saw this stock image & the whole thing came together. I hope there will be more wallpapers from me for this amazing show and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for season 3.

I’m also working on new wallpapers for Fringe, The Killing, the movie Gattaca, and a couple more of Meryl/Maks (DWTS) because there have been a wealth of new photos lately and I just can’t help myself. 😉