WALLPAPER: Happy Birthday (This Is Us)


Just four short months ago, I promised myself I would never again watch another new broadcast network TV show live until at least the 2nd season. It kills me that I’m about to break this promise already, but I’m way too excited for This Is Us. Thankfully it’s on NBC, which I trust a bit more not to pull the trigger prematurely. (I’m also looking forward to Pitch, but I will definitely not be watching that until later.) I first got wind of this show at the beginning of the year when production began on the Gilmore Girls revival and Milo couldn’t make it to the table read because he was filming a pilot. At the time, I never expected that to go anywhere, since people film pilots all the time that are never picked up or else turn out to be duds. But since the first trailer came out a few months later, I have been hooked. And the more I find out about the intricacies of the show, the more convinced I am that I’ll love the show. I just hope other people love it too.

I’ve decided to experiment a bit with animated wallpapers, just to mix it up. I started with some simple text animation. Once I figure out birth order, I might animate the heads too. I also made a slightly darker static version.

Next: Life Unexpected, All Is Lost.

WALLPAPER: Someday (Girl Meets World)


I think this is the first time in over 13 years of wallpaper-making that I’ve made fan art for a Disney show. Am I aging in reverse now? I should admit up front that the main reason I love Josh & Maya together is I want badly for her to be a Matthews someday, and I think it would be hilarious if she was also Cory’s sister-in-law. I know that’s a really dumb reason to ship two people together, but I think their scenes are sweet, too. I actually used to be more of a Lucaya supporter, but that’s because I didn’t start watching Girl Meets World regularly until season 3. I skipped most of season 1, probably only saw about half of season 2, and somehow missed all of Josh’s episodes. So I watched those scenes one day and realized that I don’t really like Lucas with Maya. I mostly just love Maya and want her to be happy. If I’m being honest, Lucas is actually kind of a boring character. Anyway, I really hope the show isn’t canceled and moves to Freeform because I would love to see Joshaya as an actual couple one day. I also want to make a proper GMW cast wallpaper at some point.

Next: Life Unexpected, All Is Lost. I’ve already finished my first This Is Us wallpaper! I’ll post it soon.

WALLPAPER: Arctic (Orphan Black)


I had no intention of making two different wallpapers for this final scene from season 3 of Orphan Black, but it was the only thing I could think of that remotely fit the Arctic Ocean location I needed for the Atlas series. So here we go again. Instead of making this one just about Sarah & Kira, I wanted to add in Kendall and Siobhan as well. The dynamic between these four generations of women is full of so many possibilities. Unfortunately, one of the big issues the show experienced in s4 was attempting to juggle the lives of far too many characters. You just can’t do them all justice in such a short period. I decided to try something new design-wise in this wallpaper. I’m not sure if it was very successful, but I do love the colors.

An alternate version can be found here.

Next: All is Lost (Robert Redford film), Life Unexpected, Girl Meets World. I think I might be taking a break after that. I’ve already accomplished my goal of making 52 wallpapers this year, and I’m going to be very busy the next couple of months. I’m also trying to finish a couple fanfics.

WALLPAPER: Atlantic (The Affair)



It’s more than fitting that I was finally able to start on ATLAS: OCEANS this past week, because I also just finished watching s2 of The Affair. For the “Atlantic” wallpaper, there were so many fandom choices! I really wanted to do something for Dexter or Broadchurch as well, but in the end The Affair won out. They really stepped up their game this past year. I thought it was a brilliant season, especially episode 2×09, which details the night of the hurricane. The whole thing felt like a dream. In addition to handling multiple POVs so well (particularly with the addition of Helen’s and Cole’s), this show is groundbreaking with the way it handles huge time jumps mid-season. Somehow the episodes still flow together effortlessly. They also take soapy situations and execute them in a way that feels completely authentic and real. So many shows could learn from this.

I maintain that the main issue of the show is that I don’t believe the relationship between Noah and Alison at all. There’s barely any chemistry, they don’t communicate, they often don’t seem to demonstrate any sort of connection at all despite constant declarations of deep love. Near the end of the season, I began to think that this might actually be intentional? By the last few episodes they were on such different wavelengths that their memories of events had nearly completely diverged. I’m still trying to figure out how they could’ve possibly gotten back together. I guess it was the horror of accidentally killing someone. Anyway, I love Helen! I’m so glad Maura Tierney was Emmy-nominated this year. And Cole was so much more sympathetic in this season. Luisa/Catalina was a fantastic addition.

Next: Life Unexpected (Pacific), Orphan Black, Girl Meets World.

WALLPAPER: In the Darkest Rooms (The Killing)


I’ve wanted to make this The Killing wallpaper for a long time. Possibly since I finished season 2 of the series. I’ve always admired and coveted this globe lamp, and from the moment I saw that Rosie had one in her bedroom, I felt a certain kinship towards her. (All the pink and butterflies, however, I’ve never been crazy about. Personally I think they laid it on a little thick there.) I also thought the film she made for her family was beautiful, and I’m so glad they finally got to watch it together at the end of her story, as a way to say goodbye. Like my latest wallpaper for House of Cards, this wasn’t originally meant to be part of the ATLAS series, but I found a song (“The Projectionist”) that worked well, and that was good motivation for me to finally finish this. You can now see the completed ATLAS: DARKNESS/LIGHT series here on the Special Projects page.

2016 Fan Art Challenge: 50/52

Next: The Affair, Life Unexpected

WALLPAPER: More Than What I’ve Become (Supernatural)


My wallpaper for the song “Heirloom” was originally supposed to include Dan/Nathan/Lucas from One Tree Hill, but since I’d already made a OTH wallpaper for the same series, I decided to go in another wrong direction. More Supernatural wallpapers! I actually really like how this one turned out. I’ve always wanted to do something with this Impala photoshoot. (Don’t worry, I have something else planned for our beloved Scott family.)

Speaking of One Tree Hill, I recently redid that Lucas/Peyton wallpaper yet again. This is the last time, I swear. It’s actually kind of fitting these two ended up in the same post, because it gives us Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton together, as well as the guy who set them up in the first place!


Next: I really want to finally finish this ATLAS series, so The Killing, The Affair, and Life Unexpected are definitely next in line, and likely in that order. Everything else will have to wait. The new one for The Killing is almost done, and it’s the final piece of the “Light” album puzzle, so look for that very soon.

WALLPAPER: Don’t Put Dirt On Our Graves (Nashville)


I’ve been looking for an excuse to make a Nashville cast wallpaper for a while, but then I always feel intimidated when it comes to these large ensemble casts. Sometimes it seems impossible to work in everyone and still make the thing cohesive and attractive. Well anyway, I gave it my best shot. Some of the pics are super old, but what can you do when the whole cast hasn’t done a photo shoot together in 3 years? Hopefully CMT will rectify this immediately. This above is basically a graphic I made for the Nashville 100k posts celebration over at FF, except larger and with different text and more paint splatters. (And we’re back to a 1680×1050 size with this one. I’ve also started tagging all my new posts with the full size dimensions, so there’s no confusion.)

Since my last Nashville wallpaper, a lot has happened. Namely, the show has been resurrected from the dead by CMT. I am far happier about this than I should be, but such is life. The world has the capacity to surprise with every passing second. I don’t have much to say about the upcoming season. I’m trying to stay mostly spoiler-free, but we’ll see how long that lasts. I actually do a very good job of avoiding major spoilers for most of my favorite shows, but when the ships come into play, my anxiety level does tend to rise to great heights.

Next: The Killing, Supernatural, Girl Meets World, Gilmore Girls. But the minute I get my hands on HQ This Is Us photos, all bets are off. I’ll probably drop everything else in favor. 😉

WALLPAPER: The Other Side (Baron + Toluca)


This is basically just the wallpaper version of a graphic I made for the #NETFLIXforBandT Twitter campaign a couple weeks ago. My sister and I ran out of original things to write in our tweets so we started coming up with bad jokes and puns in a Skype brainstorming session. ICYMI: Brendan & Majandra did an interview with HuffPost where they revealed more about the potential new show Baron + Toluca. Unfortunately, I had to go back down to 1280×800 for the full size of this wallpaper, due to lack of HQ images.

I’ve also given Roswell & B+T its own page here in the archive. And I added back in some of the super old wallpapers I’d previously deleted.

Next: Nashville, The Killing, Girl Meets World, Supernatural. I’ll also be redoing that last One Tree Hill wallpaper I made, yet again. This time I’m using different images because the first ones clearly just weren’t working.