WALLPAPER: Did You Miss Me? (Sherlock)


Finally, finally, after quite possibly the longest hiatus I’ve ever had to endure between seasons of a TV show (although I think at this point Top of the Lake has it beat), Sherlock is finally coming back in the new year. Unless you want to count that “special” that aired earlier this year, it’s been nearly 3 full years since season 3, so admittedly I don’t quite remember what last happened. I know Lars Mikkelsen showed up in the last episode and Sherlock yelled something hilarious at the top of his lungs (can’t quite remember what) and of course, Watson got married. The rest of it escapes me. Perhaps I’d better brush up before the premiere? Here’s a new Sherlock wallpaper to tide us all over until then. The question posed is, “Did you miss me?” and the answer is, “Yes, terribly so.” 😉

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WALLPAPER: Sing Me to Sleep (Bates Motel)












I started making this one a long time ago, right after season 4 aired, but it was going nowhere at the time so I shelved it indefinitely. I haven’t really made a Bates Motel wallpaper in many many months, so I thought I’d come back to it again. (Particularly since Bates Motel is the most popular fandom on my blog, though lately Gilmore Girls has made itself into a close second.) Now that I have some distance from the events of s4, I’m still kind of mad that the series strayed so far from the film canon, where Norma’s lover is supposed to die in bed with her. That said, I can understand why they felt they needed to keep the sheriff alive, and I’m thankful that they were able to give Norma and Alex such a beautiful love story in such a small period of time. I also trust Kerry and Carlton completely, so mainly I’m just excited to see what season 5 has in store next year even though I’ll be sad when it’s over. So many of my favorite shows are ending next spring! It’s going to be hard saying goodbye to them all at once.

I’ve made a major change in the archives and split the “Other TV” page into two separate pages. It was getting far too full, so that seemed like the best solution.

Next: Friday Night Lights, Nashville, Sherlock, Orphan Black, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. So many new promo pics have surfaced lately, it’s hard to know where to start…

WALLPAPER: Seasons (Gilmore Girls)

Lorelai & Rory

I’m not sure what to write here. I originally intended to finish this Gilmore Girls wallpaper before the revival was released, but my laptop was being really slow and uncooperative last week. Anyway, I actually haven’t seen the episodes in full yet, but I’ve watched some clips and I have a basic idea of how it ends. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who is still working through it though, so I’m not going to discuss my feelings on that matter yet. Personally I’m most looking forward to the Lorelai/Emily scenes because for me they’ve had some of the most rewarding interactions on the show. But I can’t believe I’ve never made a wallpaper with Emily on it before, and now I kind of regret now that I didn’t do one with all three “Gilmore Girls” instead of this. Oh well, I guess there’s always next time.

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WALLPAPER: On the Beach Last Night (The Affair)

Noah & Helen

One of the best parts of the season 2 finale were all of the fantastic scenes between Noah and Helen. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m rooting for them to get back together (I still find Noah so clueless as a human being), but I think their long history has laid the groundwork for one of the most compelling relationships on the show. I also think that Dominic West has far more innate chemistry with Maura Tierney than with Ruth Wilson, which is one of the reasons I have such a hard time buying the depth of that love affair in the first place.

I love the song (“San Francisco Days” by Chris Isaak) that was playing while Noah & Helen were on the road that night, so I used some of the lyrics. One of the things I found really curious about that finale was the decision to spotlight two songs that very much focused on disparate places in the nation: San Francisco and New Orleans. For a series that has its roots firmly in New York and Montauk specifically, that struck me as odd. I wonder if there was a reason for this? Anyway, I already watched the s3 premiere, but I’m looking forward to seeing what else the season brings.

Next: Gilmore Girls, Friday Night Lights, Bates Motel. I also have some new chapters of fanfics in the works.

FANFIC: The Truth About Permanent Things (House of Cards)

Summary: In the weeks leading up to the presidential election, Remy and Jackie leave Washington, D.C. and don’t look back (much).

A/N: This has been sitting unfinished on my computer for a few months now. I was hoping to post it before the election, but now I’m glad I waited because what happened this week helped me figure out the right ending. That said, this story does not necessarily reflect my political views. It’s fiction. All I did was try to serve the characters as best I could.

Basically the only reason I wrote this is because (for reasons I don’t understand) there is almost no Remy/Jackie fanfic in existence anywhere on the internet. Certainly none that picks up where the show left off, and I needed to give them closure.


– – – – – – – – –

They drive south.

The two of them barely speak, barely even dare glance at one another, for the first dozen miles. It’s not until they pass the bright green “LEAVING WASHINGTON, DC” road sign that he looks over at her sitting in the passenger seat of his convertible. She’s beaming, her face lit up like he’s never quite seen it.

“Surprise me,” she’d said before he turned the key in the ignition, but he’s surprising himself, too. The roads before them are a tangle of lines that criss-cross over one another: leading in one direction, then the other. They could go anywhere. They could be anything.

Neither of them has ever been the most spontaneous of people…

WALLPAPER: Pacific (Life Unexpected)


I know there have been a lot of Parenthood comparisons thrown around in reference to This Is Us, but I still haven’t had the chance to watch that series yet. What it’s actually reminded me of from the beginning is a more grown-up Life Unexpected. And this scene depicted in the wallpaper above is probably one of my favorite scenes from a show that struggled to find an audience and was far too short-lived. I loved the symbolism of water and the ocean throughout season 2, particularly in regards to the Eric & Lux relationship. At the time I shipped them together romantically, even though I recognized their dynamic was problematic. I still think they could be good for each other in the future, and I always imagined them crossing paths again after Lux finished college. (There’s certainly a story about that in the fanfic section if you haven’t read it yet.) At the time though, I was going through some personal stuff that was seriously clouding my perspective.

So this concludes the ATLAS: Oceans series, which also concludes the whole ATLAS: Year One series. I doubt I’ll attempt to take on Year Two, but who knows? Never say never. I am quite sad it’s over because I’ve loved making each and every one of these 28 wallpapers. Some of them were definitely challenge, but I mean that in absolutely the best way. Please check out the whole series here if you haven’t already!

Next: Gilmore Girls, The Affair, Friday Night Lights, This Is Us, Supernatural. Those are my top priorities anyway.

WALLPAPER: This Magical Thing (This Is Us)


Yes, I’m back! Yes, I’ve made another This Is Us wallpaper! It’s hard to put into words how much I love this show. It’s kind of strange because as you might have noticed, these days I mostly watch either crime dramas or shows with a sci-fi/horror element to them. Sometimes I even find the writing on TIU to be a bit on the saccharine side, but I also find it to be honest and true. From the first moment I saw the trailer, I connected to the essence of it in some way. The chemistry between the five leads is palpable, which is impressive since they haven’t actually shared that much screen time together, but you can feel their family bond reach across the decades and state lines that separate them. In fact, the premise of the show works so well that I’m actually a bit shocked that it’s never really been done before. I’m so happy that the series has been a bonafide hit so far, because it just goes to show that amidst all the reboots, revivals, spin-offs, and adaptions, we got to see something truly original and people responded. Also, I’m glad that for once I don’t have to worry about a new show I love getting cancelled after 10 episodes.

Anyway, I ended up having to erase a bunch of Mandy’s hair in this one. But I’m sure given the amount of times she’s had to alter her hair, that at some point Rebecca will sport some similar style. 😉 Also, I love this quote from Kevin at the end of 1×05! I actually think little Kevin is more sympathetic than 36-year-old Kevin thus far. But we’ll see where they take that character this season.

Next: I’ve finished the last wallpaper (Life Unexpected) in the ATLAS series. I’ll post it tomorrow. I have a lot of other fandoms on my to-do list but there’s no telling when I’ll get to them. I would like to make a new Gilmore Girls wallpaper or two before the revival drops. Other than that: The Affair, Friday Night Lights, Supernatural, One Tree Hill, more This Is Us … all possible.

WALLPAPER: Indian (All Is Lost)


Not much to say here. I love J.C. Chandor’s spare and heart-wrenching film, All Is Lost. In any ordinary circumstances, I probably wouldn’t be compelled to make a whole wallpaper for it, but these are no ordinary circumstances. Basically I couldn’t think of a single TV series I watch that ever takes place near the Indian Ocean. There were a couple Australian/Kiwi shows that came close, but they were still on the Pacific side, and as we know I already have something special planned for that particular ocean. This film, wherein “Our Man” in stranded and sinking somewhere in the Indian Ocean, ended up being my best option. This is a simple wallpaper to go with a simple film that still manages to be compelling throughout despite little to no dialogue. Of course it never hurts to have the great Robert Redford in your yellow lifeboat.

Next: Life Unexpected. That’ll then conclude the entire Atlas series. I plan to take a little break after that, maybe finish up some unfinished fanfics.