FANFIC: Silver


Summary: Unlike the rest of the Royal Four, Tess Harding was raised by another alien, away from Roswell. What was her childhood like? How does it shape who she eventually becomes when she arrives in Roswell? Chapters alternate between the past and present.

A/N: This is a Roswell fanfic I started back in 2002.  I always felt that Tess had the potential to be a very interesting, nuanced character with a lot of layers, but the writers never did her justice.  I was also really curious about her childhood growing up with Nasedo.  This fanfic is my response to that.  It’s not really AU, but it’s not completely canon either.

Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell.

1. THEN: the leaving

She had been dancing.  She could remember that much, at least.  Practically all things from that cold November night eight, maybe nine, years ago were blurry, but not this.   She had been happy, too.  She had thought her life was perfect.

Things change so quickly.


ARCHIVE UPDATE: This is Only the Beginning

Okay, honestly I can’t even believe it, but all the pages under the Wallpapers section are now up-to-date.  I’ll still be adding a few icons and older Roswell fanfics, but for the most part, it’ll be new content from now on.  The desktop wallpapers are really the focus of this site anyway.

A lot of my best work from the past can be found on the Wallpapers > TV Shows > One Tree Hill page.  There are so many I love that some didn’t even make the favorites page.  It’s too bad I don’t watch or care about the show anymore because the height of my OTH obsession (2004-2005) just happened to coincide with the days when I was making a lot of wallpapers.  I was also experimenting with different styles, so there’s a lot of interesting stuff there, even if it didn’t quite work.  Check them out!



Okay, I finally finished updating the Wallpapers > TV Shows > Other page.  It got kind of crowded, so I made an entirely new page: Wallpapers > TV Shows > Supernatural.  It looks a bit sparse right now, but I figured I’m most likely to continue making wallpapers for SPN in the future.  (Although if my Dair obsession persists for much longer, the Gossip Girl wallpapers could also keep coming at an alarming rate.  Frankly, for the sake of my productivity as well as sanity, I hope that’s not the case.)  I guess I’ll do the Gilmore Girls page next.  Looking back, there actually aren’t that many good ones that I’m willing to put up.  Saving One Tree Hill for last because I’m sure that will be a nightmare.

I also added a ton of icons to each of the sub-pages, but I will continue to add those as I find time to go through my collection thoroughly.


FANFIC: House of Light – Give Me Something

And I’ve made a million wishes now
but not a single one’s come true
Please, give me something, something to hold onto
Give me something that links me to you
– Scars on 45

House of Light

1. Prologue
2. Morning Madness
3. Give Me Something (To Hold Onto)

I spent most of my early childhood in and out of hospitals, but I’ve never been in an ambulance before.  When you’re a kid, they seem like they might be exciting until you’ve actually been in one, and then you remember where they’re taking you, where you’re going, and you remember that no one gets into an ambulance unless their world is about to change, and usually not for the better.

On the way to the emergency room, we hit bumps and dips in the road.  Each one sends a jolt throughout my body and each one feels altogether unfamiliar even though I’ve probably traveled these streets a hundred times.  It hits me that I might have to get used to this.  That whatever happened tonight is permanent and I’ll never again look out the window like any normal person and be able to see where it is I’m going or what it is I’m leaving.

Inside the ambulance, the EMT rolls up the sleeve of my nightshirt and measures my blood pressure.

WALLPAPER: I Still Sleep (Gossip Girl)

Stop the presses! This is my first post of fresh new content since I started this blog last week! And it is my very first Dan/Blair wallpaper ever, as well as my very first Gossip Girl wallpaper ever. (There were many in the past I had planned to make and prepared images for and everything, but I never got around to it.)

Dan & Blair
Alternate version, in case you’re not a fan of birds: 1280 x 768

I’m also adding this to the Wallpapers > TV Shows > Other page and the Favorites page. Because it’s Dair and I like it.

ARCHIVE UPDATE: Always Leave the Ground

On the fanart front, the Wallpapers > Celebrities page is now up-to-date.  There aren’t too many of those and most are of the fabulous Alison Lohman.  I plan to do Wallpapers > Other TV next, since I started doing it a couple days ago anyway, and hopefully I can get a few batches of icons in the archive as well.

On the fanfic front, the multi-fandom series “Somewhere in this Wide World” and the LUX story “House of Light” have all been updated to their most recent state with links added to the Fanfic page.  I don’t know when I’ll write new chapters for either of them.  I hope soon, but I’m really busy writing original work right now.


FANFIC: House of Light – Morning Madness

A/N: The remainder of the story is going to take the form of a playlist or soundtrack of sorts.  The idea is that after Lux loses her vision, she finds comfort in and defines her life by what she is currently listening to, whether it be a radio show, a song, an audiobook, or something else.  Each one will serve as the foundation for its respective chapter, which will be titled to reflect that.

“It’s half past six.
And if you’re just waking up, screw you.
Ryan and I have been up since five.”

– Cate Cassidy

House of Light
1. Prologue
2. Morning Madness

“Good Morninggg, Porrtlaaannnnddd!”

That familiar radio wake-up call was what finally stirred Lux from her sleep.  For a while, she lay in bed without moving, allowing the remnants of last night’s dream to slowly melt away from her brain.  She hated unwelcome memories of the past.  They wormed their way into her dreams like nighttime intruders discovering a broken latch on a window, often bringing with them an intense visual clarity that would forever be absent from her present and future.

Reluctantly, Lux sat up and clicked off the radio, her senses adjusting to the waking world.

FANFIC: House of Light – Prologue


Summary: Three years ago, Lux Cassidy suffered a stroke that left her permanently blind in both eyes.  This is the story of how she eventually finds her way home.  AU.

A/N: The premise of this story is 100% inspired by the film Mother and Child.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.  Britt Robertson has a small role as a blind girl named Violet, who befriends Naomi Watts’ character.  I first watched it a few days after the LUX finale aired and I was struck by the similarities between the film and the show.  Of course there are the obvious themes of adoption and parent/child reunions running through both, but there were minor things as well, such as Britt’s character saying that her mother worried she would never “find her way” and wanted her to work in radio someday.  Anyway, the last thing I should be doing right now is starting a new story, but the film was so beautifully written and beautifully acted, and I haven’t been able to get it or this idea out of my mind since.

Disclaimer: LUX is Liz Tigelaar’s baby, the same way that Mother and Child is Rodrigo Garcia’s baby.  I’m just babysitting these characters that I have grown to love almost as much as my own.

House of Light

1. Prologue

For my thirteenth birthday, Valerie gives me a lamp shaped like a miniature house.