WALLPAPER: The Bravest Girl on Earth (The Leftovers)

Matt & Nora

It is virtually impossible to put into succinct words what The Leftovers (both the book and the TV series) has meant to me during these past 6 years. But this is my blog and I’m going to try my best. Ever since the first season, Nora and Matt have been my favorite characters. It’s ironic because Matt gets only a passing mention in the book, and at my first reading Nora seemed out-of-place in this story about a biological family. But for TV, Tom Perrotta and Damon Lindelof managed to create another family, even more compelling than the Garveys. (Meanwhile, Tom and Christine, who were the best part of the book for me, didn’t really work on screen.) The “Matt Libs” obituary scene depicted above is probably my sentimental favorite in a series finale that was full of gorgeous and fulfilling scenes. It featured the last interaction between a fascinating sibling relationship that was too often ignored during the course of the show. Not only was it beautifully executed, but I had a strong emotional connection to it as well: My older sister also used to write me custom Mad Libs when we were younger.

This is likely not my last The Leftovers wallpaper. At some point, I’d like to make one with Kevin and Nora for my series finale series. I have to admit I never really shipped those two as a couple during the show’s run. I didn’t dislike them together either, I just never really connected to their romantic relationship. That finale made a believer out of me though. It was the perfect way to end their story, and I loved every minute. There will never be another show quite like this. I’m okay with that. It makes me appreciate how special it was. Also, it would be a damn shame if Carrie Coon never wins an Emmy for this role. Just putting that out there.

Next: Arrival, Better Call Saul, Friday Night Lights, Bates Motel, Breaking Bad… You know, all the stuff that’s been in progress for the past 4 months. (I really need a new computer!)

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