WALLPAPER: In the Northern Lights (Gilmore Girls)

Rory & Jess

I know, I know… Once again, I’m not delivering on what I promised in my previous post and have instead made something completely different. In my defense, I’ve been wanting to make a new Literati wallpaper based on the Gilmore Girls revival for some time; I just didn’t know where to begin. I was kind of upset about the lack of screen time between Rory and Jess, so suffice to say the inspiration wasn’t there. But I’ve been listening to the new Depeche Mode album on repeat, and I can’t shake the lyrics from “Cover Me” out of my head. It could probably fit any of my ships that weren’t endgame, but for some reason it made me think of Rory and Jess first. The best thing about it is, while I was making this, I stumbled upon this stock photo of a bride and groom sitting on a little bridge overlooking a lake. Completely by chance! It was fate. (And it already looks like the two of them from behind, so I didn’t even have to make a manip or anything!)

For the record, I still believe they end up together eventually. It’s just too bad we’ll never get to see it.

Next: The same stuff I mentioned last time.

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