WALLPAPER: Okay Then (Fargo)

Ed & Peggy

I love Fargo. I love Jesse and Kirsten. That’s pretty much the whole story of this wallpaper. I wanted to find some way to work in all 3 seasons without making it super crowded with too many characters, so that’s why the brilliant key art for each season appears in the frames on the wall. Also, this is my favorite pic of them from that photoshoot EW did ahead of the season 2 premiere, but that whole shoot was great. Do they even need engagement photos? I’d be like, “Hey those pics EW took of us (free of charge!) were totally rad. Can’t see us beating those, ’70s fashions and all. Done!”

More importantly, my anticipation for the new season is at an all-time high with all these teasers they’ve been dropping lately! Unfortunately, aside from Ewan McGregor and Carrie Coon, I think this is the weakest cast they’ve assembled of all the seasons so far (to be fair it was a very high bar they set for themselves), but I’m happy to be proven wrong. Last season I had no idea who Bokeem Woodbine was before I watched, and Mike Milligan ended up being my favorite. Anyway, the more I see/hear/read from Noah Hawley, the more I’m convinced he’s some sort of genius, so it’s all moot. I’m sure I’ll love whatever happens regardless. Maybe they’ll even go back into the past for season 4. I would love for basically anyone from season 2 to come back for a cameo.

Next: Marion Crane (Bates Motel), Gus Fring (Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul), final season of The Leftovers, and others.

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