WALLPAPER: Back Together Again (Nashville)


Well, the season is young, but I’ve really been enjoying the revamped Nashville so far. I remember being devastated when the show was cancelled back in April or May or whenever it was, which is odd considering how unhappy I was with the direction of the show at the time (I think there are still like 6 episodes of last season that I just didn’t bother watching and probably never will) but I really loved everything the new showrunners and writers were saying and thought they deserved a chance to turn it around. But I got over my disappointment quickly, as I tend to do. Even before CMT officially saved the series, I’d made peace with the fact that it was never coming back, that we were stuck with this incredibly rushed attempt to tie all the loose ends back together. Or in Juliette’s case, the eternal limbo of a series finale with a cliffhanger ending. So when the good news came, it just felt like we were getting something extra on top of what we’d already had, a revival of sorts except with no time lost in between the two parts. And for the most part, I feel uninvested now. I’m just free to enjoy what seems almost like a completely new show to me, one where characters are behaving how I’ve always thought they would behave. It’s fantastic.

But the important thing is, we have new promo pics! I have been waiting ages for this. There were almost too many. I couldn’t choose. I wanted to make more Nashville wallpapers! The fact is I just don’t have much time anymore, so it probably won’t happen any time soon. This one is a love letter of sorts to everything I love about the show.

Next: Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, Friday Night Lights. Several other things on my list.

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