WALLPAPER: Pacific (Life Unexpected)


I know there have been a lot of Parenthood comparisons thrown around in reference to This Is Us, but I still haven’t had the chance to watch that series yet. What it’s actually reminded me of from the beginning is a more grown-up Life Unexpected. And this scene depicted in the wallpaper above is probably one of my favorite scenes from a show that struggled to find an audience and was far too short-lived. I loved the symbolism of water and the ocean throughout season 2, particularly in regards to the Eric & Lux relationship. At the time I shipped them together romantically, even though I recognized their dynamic was problematic. I still think they could be good for each other in the future, and I always imagined them crossing paths again after Lux finished college. (There’s certainly a story about that in the fanfic section if you haven’t read it yet.) At the time though, I was going through some personal stuff that was seriously clouding my perspective.

So this concludes the ATLAS: Oceans series, which also concludes the whole ATLAS: Year One series. I doubt I’ll attempt to take on Year Two, but who knows? Never say never. I am quite sad it’s over because I’ve loved making each and every one of these 28 wallpapers. Some of them were definitely challenge, but I mean that in absolutely the best way. Please check out the whole series here if you haven’t already!

Next: Gilmore Girls, The Affair, Friday Night Lights, This Is Us, Supernatural. Those are my top priorities anyway.

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