WALLPAPER: This Magical Thing (This Is Us)


Yes, I’m back! Yes, I’ve made another This Is Us wallpaper! It’s hard to put into words how much I love this show. It’s kind of strange because as you might have noticed, these days I mostly watch either crime dramas or shows with a sci-fi/horror element to them. Sometimes I even find the writing on TIU to be a bit on the saccharine side, but I also find it to be honest and true. From the first moment I saw the trailer, I connected to the essence of it in some way. The chemistry between the five leads is palpable, which is impressive since they haven’t actually shared that much screen time together, but you can feel their family bond reach across the decades and state lines that separate them. In fact, the premise of the show works so well that I’m actually a bit shocked that it’s never really been done before. I’m so happy that the series has been a bonafide hit so far, because it just goes to show that amidst all the reboots, revivals, spin-offs, and adaptions, we got to see something truly original and people responded. Also, I’m glad that for once I don’t have to worry about a new show I love getting cancelled after 10 episodes.

Anyway, I ended up having to erase a bunch of Mandy’s hair in this one. But I’m sure given the amount of times she’s had to alter her hair, that at some point Rebecca will sport some similar style. 😉 Also, I love this quote from Kevin at the end of 1×05! I actually think little Kevin is more sympathetic than 36-year-old Kevin thus far. But we’ll see where they take that character this season.

Next: I’ve finished the last wallpaper (Life Unexpected) in the ATLAS series. I’ll post it tomorrow. I have a lot of other fandoms on my to-do list but there’s no telling when I’ll get to them. I would like to make a new Gilmore Girls wallpaper or two before the revival drops. Other than that: The Affair, Friday Night Lights, Supernatural, One Tree Hill, more This Is Us … all possible.

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