WALLPAPER: Indian (All Is Lost)


Not much to say here. I love J.C. Chandor’s spare and heart-wrenching film, All Is Lost. In any ordinary circumstances, I probably wouldn’t be compelled to make a whole wallpaper for it, but these are no ordinary circumstances. Basically I couldn’t think of a single TV series I watch that ever takes place near the Indian Ocean. There were a couple Australian/Kiwi shows that came close, but they were still on the Pacific side, and as we know I already have something special planned for that particular ocean. This film, wherein “Our Man” in stranded and sinking somewhere in the Indian Ocean, ended up being my best option. This is a simple wallpaper to go with a simple film that still manages to be compelling throughout despite little to no dialogue. Of course it never hurts to have the great Robert Redford in your yellow lifeboat.

Next: Life Unexpected. That’ll then conclude the entire Atlas series. I plan to take a little break after that, maybe finish up some unfinished fanfics.

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