WALLPAPER: Happy Birthday (This Is Us)


Just four short months ago, I promised myself I would never again watch another new broadcast network TV show live until at least the 2nd season. It kills me that I’m about to break this promise already, but I’m way too excited for This Is Us. Thankfully it’s on NBC, which I trust a bit more not to pull the trigger prematurely. (I’m also looking forward to Pitch, but I will definitely not be watching that until later.) I first got wind of this show at the beginning of the year when production began on the Gilmore Girls revival and Milo couldn’t make it to the table read because he was filming a pilot. At the time, I never expected that to go anywhere, since people film pilots all the time that are never picked up or else turn out to be duds. But since the first trailer came out a few months later, I have been hooked. And the more I find out about the intricacies of the show, the more convinced I am that I’ll love the show. I just hope other people love it too.

I’ve decided to experiment a bit with animated wallpapers, just to mix it up. I started with some simple text animation. Once I figure out birth order, I might animate the heads too. I also made a slightly darker static version.

Next: Life Unexpected, All Is Lost.

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