WALLPAPER: Atlantic (The Affair)



It’s more than fitting that I was finally able to start on ATLAS: OCEANS this past week, because I also just finished watching s2 of The Affair. For the “Atlantic” wallpaper, there were so many fandom choices! I really wanted to do something for Dexter or Broadchurch as well, but in the end The Affair won out. They really stepped up their game this past year. I thought it was a brilliant season, especially episode 2×09, which details the night of the hurricane. The whole thing felt like a dream. In addition to handling multiple POVs so well (particularly with the addition of Helen’s and Cole’s), this show is groundbreaking with the way it handles huge time jumps mid-season. Somehow the episodes still flow together effortlessly. They also take soapy situations and execute them in a way that feels completely authentic and real. So many shows could learn from this.

I maintain that the main issue of the show is that I don’t believe the relationship between Noah and Alison at all. There’s barely any chemistry, they don’t communicate, they often don’t seem to demonstrate any sort of connection at all despite constant declarations of deep love. Near the end of the season, I began to think that this might actually be intentional? By the last few episodes they were on such different wavelengths that their memories of events had nearly completely diverged. I’m still trying to figure out how they could’ve possibly gotten back together. I guess it was the horror of accidentally killing someone. Anyway, I love Helen! I’m so glad Maura Tierney was Emmy-nominated this year. And Cole was so much more sympathetic in this season. Luisa/Catalina was a fantastic addition.

Next: Life Unexpected (Pacific), Orphan Black, Girl Meets World.

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