WALLPAPER: In the Darkest Rooms (The Killing)


I’ve wanted to make this The Killing wallpaper for a long time. Possibly since I finished season 2 of the series. I’ve always admired and coveted this globe lamp, and from the moment I saw that Rosie had one in her bedroom, I felt a certain kinship towards her. (All the pink and butterflies, however, I’ve never been crazy about. Personally I think they laid it on a little thick there.) I also thought the film she made for her family was beautiful, and I’m so glad they finally got to watch it together at the end of her story, as a way to say goodbye. Like my latest wallpaper for House of Cards, this wasn’t originally meant to be part of the ATLAS series, but I found a song (“The Projectionist”) that worked well, and that was good motivation for me to finally finish this. You can now see the completed ATLAS: DARKNESS/LIGHT series here on the Special Projects page.

2016 Fan Art Challenge: 50/52

Next: The Affair, Life Unexpected

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