WALLPAPER: More Than What I’ve Become (Supernatural)


My wallpaper for the song “Heirloom” was originally supposed to include Dan/Nathan/Lucas from One Tree Hill, but since I’d already made a OTH wallpaper for the same series, I decided to go in another wrong direction. More Supernatural wallpapers! I actually really like how this one turned out. I’ve always wanted to do something with this Impala photoshoot. (Don’t worry, I have something else planned for our beloved Scott family.)

Speaking of One Tree Hill, I recently redid that Lucas/Peyton wallpaper yet again. This is the last time, I swear. It’s actually kind of fitting these two ended up in the same post, because it gives us Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton together, as well as the guy who set them up in the first place!


Next: I really want to finally finish this ATLAS series, so The Killing, The Affair, and Life Unexpected are definitely next in line, and likely in that order. Everything else will have to wait. The new one for The Killing is almost done, and it’s the final piece of the “Light” album puzzle, so look for that very soon.

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