WALLPAPER: Don’t Put Dirt On Our Graves (Nashville)


I’ve been looking for an excuse to make a Nashville cast wallpaper for a while, but then I always feel intimidated when it comes to these large ensemble casts. Sometimes it seems impossible to work in everyone and still make the thing cohesive and attractive. Well anyway, I gave it my best shot. Some of the pics are super old, but what can you do when the whole cast hasn’t done a photo shoot together in 3 years? Hopefully CMT will rectify this immediately. This above is basically a graphic I made for the Nashville 100k posts celebration over at FF, except larger and with different text and more paint splatters. (And we’re back to a 1680×1050 size with this one. I’ve also started tagging all my new posts with the full size dimensions, so there’s no confusion.)

Since my last Nashville wallpaper, a lot has happened. Namely, the show has been resurrected from the dead by CMT. I am far happier about this than I should be, but such is life. The world has the capacity to surprise with every passing second. I don’t have much to say about the upcoming season. I’m trying to stay mostly spoiler-free, but we’ll see how long that lasts. I actually do a very good job of avoiding major spoilers for most of my favorite shows, but when the ships come into play, my anxiety level does tend to rise to great heights.

Next: The Killing, Supernatural, Girl Meets World, Gilmore Girls. But the minute I get my hands on HQ This Is Us photos, all bets are off. I’ll probably drop everything else in favor. 😉

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