WALLPAPER: Like Fireworks (House of Cards)


I was originally going to use these lyrics from “In the Embers” for Walter White (Breaking Bad), but I finally got to watch s4 of House of Cards this past week, and of course found myself itching to make a new Remy & Jackie wallpaper immediately. (Let’s face it, the first one I made was terrible.) I looked through the remaining songs in the Atlas series and found that this one actually fits them way better than it does Walter. When I first fell in love with the two of them as a couple, I thought for sure they were goners. I mean, people get murdered and torn down regularly on this show. It’s kind of funny then to consider that one of my ships finally got to ride off into the sunset, and it was on House of Cards. Although I’m not completely convinced yet that if the Underwood’s scare tactics don’t work, they won’t still try to get revenge on everyone who went on record against them in the article. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Anyway, I love them. They deserve to live forever and be happy together and oh, I don’t know, maybe move abroad to a nation where a pair of psychopaths hasn’t taken executive office? Remy speaks French so why not start with a list of francophone countries? #justsaying

My only issue is I wanted this wallpaper to be dark, but the song is on the “Light” album. So that’s why I made an alternate version specifically for the series. I keep toning down the purple of the darker version above but it still looks very purple on this computer? Oh well.

Next: Nashville, Baron + Toluca, Girl Meets World, The Killing, Supernatural. Again, no particular order there, although the first two are near completion.

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