WALLPAPER: To Make Light (Alias)


I think it might be 12 years since I made my last Alias wallpaper. That makes me feel old. It has also been about a decade since the show ended. That also makes me feel old. I still don’t understand what Rambaldi is, exactly. I don’t think anyone who worked on that show knows to this day. Anyway, if you know me, you know that my favorite thing about the series was always the Jack and Syd relationship. I’m so glad VG and JG have stayed such close friends over the years because they were so compelling together. It would be great if they did another project in the future. I don’t think this song “Uneven Odds” from the Atlas: Darkness album (clearly I was a lot more inspired by the Darkness album than the Light one) really fits the relationship on the show completely, but hopefully the lyrics I picked out work well.

Next (in no particular order): Breaking Bad, The Killing, Supernatural, Girl Meets World, The Affair.

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