WALLPAPER: We’ve Barely Caught A Glimpse (The Leftovers)


I know I said something about a new Bates Motel wallpaper, and clearly this is not it. I also know that all my wallpapers for The Leftovers so far are very similar looking. It’s not intentional. I think the show just creates a very specific mood and aesthetic. I also think that I love starry/space backgrounds. This one uses the lyrics from “Overture” which is the first track on Atlas: Darkness. It was supposed to include the entire main cast, but the images from the only photoshoot they’ve done aren’t really conducive to that. The close-ups make it hard to fit all the people in, which is why we’re left with Kevin & Nora. You can also click here for the alternate versions of this wallpaper.

Even after the tweaks I made to my last One Tree Hill wallpaper, I remain unsatisfied with it. So it is possible I’ll keep revisiting that one until I think I’ve gotten it right.

Next: I’m working on new stuff for Alias, The Killing, Bates Motel, and Fringe. But the bigger story is that I’m about 75% done with the new chapter of my AU dystopian Gossip Girl fanfic, “For the Ones We Leave Behind.” I’ve already kept people waiting for too long, so my #1 priority right now is finishing that.

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