WALLPAPER: These Little Words (Bunheads)

Desktop wallpaper for the TV series Bunheads featuring the main cast

I’ve wanted to make a Bunheads wallpaper since the show first started, but could never quite figure out what I wanted it to look like. So once again, I’m thankful for inspiration from the ATLAS series. This one uses lyrics from the song “You Are Enough.” I miss this show terribly every once in a while. It’s near the top of my list of shows that were cancelled far before its time, and more than deserve a second chance. As excited as I am for the Gilmore Girls revival, I do think that series was played out during its first run. The only appeal now is seeing all the characters reuniting in the future. Bunheads, on the other hand, had so many more stories to tell. Thankfully, even though the ending was rather abrupt, I do think they left us on a fairly satisfying note…with a quirky group dance routine, what else?

2016 Fan Art Challenge: 38/52

Next: Life Unexpected, probably. Maybe Bates Motel.

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