WALLPAPER: Some Will Burn Bright (Nashville)


Well, it’s certainly been a ride, hasn’t it? Barring some Hail Mary miracle, Nashville will be coming to an end tonight. I can’t quite believe this all started 8 months ago for me. There I was, late at night, innocently re-watching old Whose Line clips on YouTube like I had done so many times before for the past 10 years. How was I to know that it would somehow lead me to something entirely different? I was completely blindsided by this show, and especially by these two characters (and the actors who portray them) depicted here. Sometimes I wish I could do it all over again, properly this time, instead of watching clips out of order and out of context.

There is so much I want to say that I couldn’t possibly cover it in this one post. I’m thankful to Chip for helping me discover a show and a slew of music I never would’ve given a chance otherwise. I’m angry at some of the people behind the scenes who did not allow this show to live up to its potential, for whatever the reason. I hope another network will take a chance on it and the new showrunners’ vision because I think the fans and especially everyone who has poured their heart and soul into this project, deserve a proper ending. In the past, 3 of my favorite shows (Roswell, Damages, The Killing) have been saved following cancellation, so I don’t think the situation is entirely hopeless. The key difference, however, is that all three of those shows were still great at the time they were cancelled…they just lacked the necessary viewership. But regardless of what happens, you haven’t seen the last of me regarding this couple. I am certain you will still find new Nashville wallpapers on this blog long after it’s over. (This particular wallpaper was originally supposed to include the whole main cast, but suffice it to say I couldn’t find the motivation. Sorry.)

2016 Fan Art Challenge: 37/52

Next: I’m actually not sure. It will definitely either be something new for my final ATLAS series, or something for Bates Motel.

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