WALLPAPER: Right from the Start (Gossip Girl)


ATLAS: SPACE and ATLAS: LAND worked out so well, why not go ahead and do the remaining two albums from ATLAS: YEAR ONE? I first started doing this series because I’d been making so many wallpapers in a row for the same TV shows and couples, and I couldn’t find much motivation or inspiration to break out of that pattern. Challenging myself to find the perfect fit for each track’s lyrics (with the rule that I couldn’t repeat the same subject twice) has really made a difference.

This wallpaper, using lyrics from “Bad Blood” on ATLAS: DARKNESS, is the perfect example. I have loved Rufus & Lily since Gossip Girl first began. They were my main ship from the show before Dair became a reality in the middle of s4. I’ve always wanted to make a Rufly wallpaper, but never did. (In my defense, there aren’t too many HQ images to choose from.) I’m sad about their fate at the conclusion of the series. Maybe the writers never intended for them to end up together, or maybe they realized they were actually not well-suited for each other after all. The fact that Rayna & Deacon from Nashville are an improved version of them takes the sting away a little bit.

2016 Fan Art Challenge: 36/52

Next: One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected, Bates Motel. I already finished my Nashville/Deyna tribute. You can peek it right now on the Nashville page. I’ll make a post on Wednesday morning probably. #BringBackNashville

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