WALLPAPER: Some Truths (Fringe)


For the last wallpaper in the ATLAS:LAND series, I waffled between the parent-child relationships in Fringe and Life Unexpected. I had even started both versions already, which made it difficult to decide. If you were a fan of the latter show, you’ll know that near the end of that series’ run, Eric gives Cate and Baze a compass to give to Lux as a present, something that will help her “find her way” when she feels lost. That symbol kind of made it a no-brainer to use the show in a series based on cardinal directions.

But in the end, I thought the relationship between Walter & Peter on Fringe better fit the lyrics for “South.” I also didn’t want one of my favorite all-time shows to be left out of this series completely. Don’t worry, the LUX wallpaper I started will show up again later. Working on this ATLAS series has done exactly what I hoped it would: It’s motivated me to make more wallpapers that aren’t centered around the same fandom or couple all the time. No reason to quit now! I plan to do the remaining albums from ATLAS: YEAR ONE soon. (ATLAS: LAND is now complete, so go check it out on the Special Projects page.)

2016 Fan Art Challenge: 35/52

Next: Nashville is definitely next in line, to coincide with the series finale. Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and Orphan Black should follow.

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