WALLPAPER: Let Our Hearts Open Wide (Friday Night Lights)


When it came to picking a fandom for the song “North,” I had three candidates in mind. First was Gilmore Girls, because the lyrics immediately reminded me of Lorelai starting a new life with Rory in Stars Hollow after running from the high-society lifestyle she grew up in with her parents. Another option, which I nixed very quickly, was Bates Motel. Again, the song reminded me of Norma buying the Bates Motel on foreclosure and driving Norman out there to start a new life. I decided against it mostly because I’ve already made so many Bates wallpapers lately. Clearly I didn’t need the additional inspiration.

Friday Night Lights is a harder sell on the surface, because the Taylors already lived in Dillon when the show started. But Texas is home to me, and I felt a personal connection that was hard to ignore. I think about how Julie always hated life in small-town Texas and yearned to see the world, but how she finally admits in her college interview how much Dillon has helped shape who she is. (Her eventual decision, then, to go to college in Burleson of all places, seems a bit odd, but I don’t pretend to understand any decision Julie made in season 5.) I also think about how Eric & Tami moved to Philadelphia at the end of the series so she could accept a dream job, and how I felt a twinge of disappointment that they’d left Texas, but at the same time I knew it would still always be home. And how, no matter where they were, their hearts would be open and full.

2016 Fan Art Challenge: 34/52

Next: Either Fringe of Life Unexpected. Nashville. Orphan Black. Breaking Bad. Maybe some other surprises.

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