WALLPAPER: The King I Once Was (House of Cards)


So, working on this series finally allowed me to make a House of Cards wallpaper featuring the Underwoods. I’ve been wanting to use the pics from that season 3 promo shoot for a long time. Look at how shiny that plane is! I could only think of 2 or 3 of my shows that really fit the lyrics for “East” so this one was mostly a no-brainer. I haven’t yet caught up with season 4, so I’m not sure where Frank ends up at the end of it, but my intention with this wallpaper was to foreshadow his inevitable downfall. And in this case, the E can stand for Executive!

Also, I made a few changes to the previous Supernatural wallpaper, so check out the post before this one, or the Special Projects page!

Next: I decided on Friday Night Lights for the song “North.” That one is actually already done. I’ll post it soon. Now I’m torn between Life Unexpected or Fringe for “South,” so we’ll see what wins out.

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