WALLPAPER: Every Mile (Supernatural)


Q: Hey Susan, does every Supernatural wallpaper you make really need to depict a full moon in the background?

A: Yes. Yes, it does.

It’s hard to believe I’ve never made an SPN wallpaper featuring the Impala, especially considering I’ve wanted to since I became a fan. Clearly I could never find the right images or inspiration. I still went old school here with the season 2 promo pics. Unfortunately, Jared’s hair is a dead giveaway. Fortunately, his hair then is still better than his hair now. This is the first in a series of four ATLAS: LAND pieces. ATLAS: SPACE was such a success that I decided to keep it going. This one uses lyrics from the song “West.” And I just realized the W can conveniently stand for Winchester, too!

2016 Fan Art Challenge: 32/52

Next: I wish I didn’t have so many ideas right now because I really don’t have time to execute all of them. I’m trying, however. I want to finish this series before I get too distracted with other things. Expect the other 3 fandoms to be House of Cards, Life Unexpected, and either Friday Night Lights or Gilmore Girls. I also still want to make something for Nashville before the finale.


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