WALLPAPER: In the Flames (Bates Motel)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Norma & Norman Bates from Bates Motel

2016 Fan Art Challenge: 31/52

Wow. Tough week for so many of my fandoms, particularly yesterday when the Spurs were eliminated from the playoffs just hours after ABC cancelled Nashville.  (Speaking of, I must be the only one on the planet who does not think American Crime is a great show. If not for the top-notch acting, that series would basically be a glorified after school special. I couldn’t even finish s2 because halfway through it became ludicrous how many hot-button socio-political issues they were trying to shoehorn into one narrative. Not that Nashville has been well-written lately, but at least the new vision for it sounded promising. Now we will likely never get to see it.)

Anyway, I knew after watching this week’s devastatingly beguiling episode of Bates Motel that I needed to make a new wallpaper in tribute. For the record, I do not believe Norma is really dead yet. It’s too early, and if this is really how she goes, they will have changed details from the film quite a bit. That would piss me off, particularly since I spent so much time researching Strychnine poison last summer.

Next: I must have about 12 wallpapers in progress right now, and I have no idea which ones might be finished first, or when they’ll be finished, or whether they will be finished at all. Since I’m currently rather sad about the Nashville cancellation, I’ll probably try to put together something for that, though I might also wait for the finale. Obviously I will not be finishing the Spurs series, though I may make something special for Timmy and Manu. Other possible fandoms: Supernatural, Breaking Bad, Fringe.

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