WALLPAPER: What Could & Could Not Be (Orphan Black)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Beth & Art from Orphan Black

It’s just like me to start shipping a couple where one individual is dead and has been dead since the opening minutes of the pilot some three years ago. I mean, I seriously do have a talent for gravitating towards pairings that are completely doomed! Usually I’m well aware that they’re doomed when I fall in love with them, so I suppose I have only myself to blame. In season 1, Art is somewhat of an antagonist. I wasn’t sure whether to like him or not. These days I feel so bad for him every time he’s on screen, knowing that he was in love with Beth (and aside from that one night, never had her) and now she’s dead but he is constantly surrounded by all these girls who look exactly like her. But isn’t it great how Tatiana just has fantastic chemistry with pretty much all her co-stars?

I’ve challenged myself to make 52 wallpapers this year. This is #30, assuming I counted correctly.

Next: Gossip Girl, Nashville, Breaking Bad, One Tree Hill, maybe more Orphan Black.


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