WALLPAPER: Her Name in Mine (Bates Motel)

Desktop wallpaper featuring cast from Bates Motel

I’m not really happy with the colors here. I may revisit this one later on, but for now I really wanted to make a Bates Motel wallpaper featuring both Norman and Normero, in light of all that’s happened in this new season. There are still a few episodes left, but season 4 has been incredible so far. Initially I was skeptical about the radical changes in dynamics between all the characters, but they’ve made it work. At this point, I’m both dreading and psyched for the epic finale that Ehrin & Cuse no doubt have in mind for season 5.

Next: I’ve decided not to make a full Spurs series unless they win the title this year. I realized I don’t really have the motivation to get that deep into the bench if they get kicked out halfway through the playoffs. Fear not, however! I have some new stuff planned for Gossip Girl (Rufus/Lily), Orphan Black, Breaking Bad, Nashville, and others.

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