WALLPAPER: Colorful (Better Call Saul)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Cinnabon Gene from Better Call Saul

Part of what makes Better Call Saul so exciting is that it’s not just a prequel to Breaking Bad; in fact, it’s also a sequel. When the show started, most of us couldn’t wait to see Jimmy become the Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad that we’d all come to know and love. But as the season go on we realize that this show can be a compelling portrait of a man from childhood to old age. We like seeing flashbacks of young Jimmy and flashforwards of Cinnabon Gene. We want to believe that there’s a happy ending for him somehow, even though we know it’s probably not waiting there for us at the end of the show’s run. But that’s almost okay, because we’re willing to follow his journey, wherever it takes us.

Next: Bates Motel, Nashville, more Spurs.

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