WALLPAPER: I Believe in #2 (San Antonio Spurs)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Kawhi Leonard

Sorry, this took longer than I planned. It’s amazing how difficult it was to find HQ close-ups of Kawhi Leonard (that’s Mr. DPOY to you!) and his smiling face. In the end I had to use a pic with one of his more, um, typical expressions. I am reluctant to comment on the playoffs thus far, mostly because it just began and I’m afraid something I say will come back to haunt me.

Also, because I don’t like to discriminate (but mostly because I obviously need an excuse to make more wallpapers with starry sky backgrounds) I hope to use this wallpaper as a template to make separate ones for all the Spurs players. And if by some miracle they pull through with the 6th championship (and I haven’t gotten bored of the exercise by then), I’ll make a 16th one of the whole team together! Seems fitting. Right now, I’m going in the order of my favorites, so naturally Boris Diaw is next. I already picked out some images. Shockingly it was a lot easier to find pics for him. Who knew?

For those who aren’t San Antonio fans, or those who couldn’t care less about basketball: not to worry. I have more wallpapers to come for Bates Motel, Nashville, Better Call Saul, etc.

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