WALLPAPER: In Perfect Silence (Breaking Bad)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Walt & Jesse from Breaking Bad

I finally made another Breaking Bad wallpaper. Hard to believe it’s been almost two years since the last real one, but I guess I just don’t feel all that inspired to mess with perfection. (This isn’t one of the wallpapers I’ve had in progress in the past couple months. I still plan to finish those too at some point.) I’m in the middle of a season 3 re-watch and I came across the scene where Gale recites the Walt Whitman poem for Walter. Suddenly I had a vision for how those lines might be used to depict the series in a graphic, and so here we are.

Next: Better Call Saul, Kawhi Leonard, Bates Motel, Nashville. That’s right, I said Kawhi Leonard. I would like to make that one before the NBA playoffs start this weekend, so it’s first and foremost in my mind right. The BCS one is near completion.

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