WALLPAPER: Hi, Monkey (Orphan Black)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Sarah & Kira from Orphan Black

One more week till the new season of Orphan Black! Much like Bates Motel, I thought the show went a bit off the rails in season 2, but season 3 was incredible, particularly the second half. That one scene where Sarah has a vision of herself talking to Beth in the kitchen is simply otherworldly and beautiful. So is this last scene of the season finale where Sarah finally reunites with Kira, and they have this mother-daughter moment in the snow. I thought it would be a really nice scene to use in this wallpaper as we head into the new season. Sarah has never been my favorite clone (that would be Helena) and is not really as intriguing as her sestras, but her relationships with her daughter and with Mrs. S are easily some of the best parts of the show. As for the 4th season, I’m not sure what to expect, but the creators have said that Krystal will have a much bigger role, and that’s pretty much all I need to hear because I love her. I really hope she’ll be inducted into the Clone Club this year.

Next: The usual suspects…Better Call Saul, Bates Motel, Nashville, Fargo.

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