WALLPAPER: There’s No Catching You (The Catch)

Desktop wallpaper featuring Alice & Benjamin from The Catch

Here’s that wallpaper I kept saying I’d make for The Catch. Let’s be honest, the show is a little disappointing. Though I’m glad they recast Christopher/Benjamin, I don’t think they should’ve gotten rid of Bethany Joy Lenz. I also think the considerable change in tone from the original pilot was a mistake. Both of the leads are better at playing darker roles. And though Mireille & Peter have decent physical chemistry, I’m not sure I believe quite yet that their characters are really in love. Particularly with Peter, there is a strange aloofness about his interpretation of the con-artist, even in scenes when he should be letting his guard down. It’s hard to really care for him so far, and I don’t believe the relationship between him and Margot at all, which is one of the reasons I think keeping Joy might’ve been better. It’s especially difficult because Nate Fisher was so relatable and empathetic. Alice is also not a very compelling character as written, though Mireille is radiant as always. That said, I do think the show will get better as it goes along. We can only hope. Also, I have a feeling that maybe I should finally watch Parenthood. (I’m not a fan of large ensemble casts so I’m a bit nervous about this, but I love Lauren, Peter, and Mae so much. We shall see.)

Next: I’ve really been wanting to make a new Orphan Black wallpaper for some time, so I hope I get to do that before the new season starts. I’m also working on some possible things for Bates Motel, Better Call Saul, Fargo, and Nashville.

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